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DIY Fabric Covered Cork Board using a Picture Frame

Woot Woot! It’s Wednesday again! Welcome to Week Two of the One Item Challenge!

Do you remember when I shared my One Item Challenge project last week?

The theme was TWIGS and I shared an easy tutorial for how to make your own Twig Letters….

Well, this week’s theme was fabric. When Shauna told us our themes for the three weeks, I may or may not have been the most excited for this one…

I seriously HEART fabric. I didn’t think I could get any more pumped. Until she told us that we had the chance to collaborate with Online Fabric Store for this week’s challenge and that they would be sending us some beautiful choices to use in our project. Um, how much more exciting is that?!?

So I chose a couple of designs to use to finish off our boy’s bedroom with. You remember this space? I started it waaaaaaay back here. {The reveal has to be coming soon, right??} Well here are the choices I made to help me finally finish off this space…

Premier Prints Emily Corn Yellow Slub

Premier Prints Stripe Navy Slub

 The plan was to create:

1) Shams for each boy`s bed

2) A Roman Blind for their window

3) Fabric Covered Cork Boards (using picture frames) for their desk area

Today I am sharing the last of these projects… this cute and simple way to create a display board using fabric, some cork, and an old picture frame or two.

DIY Fabric Covered Cork Board

I have to admit, this isn`t the first time I have made these. So here is what you need to get started:

– a picture frame the size that you want your cork board to be. It doesn`t need to have glass (in fact, you will be getting rid of the glass)…but it does need to have some sort of a backing board

– cork. I have used cork bought off the roll from the hardware store, and I have also used the cork 12×12 tiles that you can pick up at the dollar store. Either will work.

– fabric.

– Hot glue, duct tape, spray adhesive or some combination of these. I have tried all these methods and they all work. For today`s project I just used my hot glue gun.

My start looked like this (because I was starting with a previously fabric covered cork board picture frame…

I removed the old fabric wrapped cork from the frames so that all I had was the backing board, the cork cut to size, and then fabric.

To create your own version of this, cut your piece of cork or your cork tiles to fit your backing board. Use some spray adhesive to adhere the cork board to the backing board and keep it in place.

I cut my new piece of fabric to wrap around the cork and backing board:

I simply wrapped the fabric around the cork and backing board, smoothed it out, and then hot glued the edges along the back of my picture frame backing board:

For the corners, I just folded them in as neatly as I could and hot glued it all down….

Then I pressed it carefully back into my frame, and used the little bendy-thingies to hold it in place. It may end up that your fabric wrapped cork board is thicker then you intended it to be and if the bendy-metal-bits that come with your picture frame won`t hold it in place, just duct tape the heck outta it. Trust me, it should hold. I have had to resort to this method in the past.

This frame used to be gold so I made it more suitable for our boys` shared bedroom by painting it out with some of my Country Chic Midnight Sky Chalky based paint and then distressing it to let the gold show through. I waxed it once dry to add a layer of protection…

It is hard to tell in the pictures for the gold showing through the dark blue gives the frames a really vintage, old collegiate type of feel. I love how it turned out….

Perfect above our boy`s little garage sale desk… as their Homework Station (even though only one of them actually has homework…)

Want to try this yourself? Then don’t forget it!

Fabric, fabric, and more fabric…what else can you do with it?? Check out what everyone else created with their fabric this week:

Recovered Thrift Shop Ottoman by Satori Design for Living

Fabric Covered Cork Board by The Happy Housie

Bedroom Bench by Craftberry Bush

Pink Ticking Curtains by So Much Better With Age

Easy Burlap Christmas Ornaments by AKA Design

Christmas Stockings by Fynes Designs

I will be back soon with my other fabric projects… and thanks again to Online Fabric Store for generously supporting this week’s challenge.

Are you a fabric nut? What is your favourite thing to do with fabric?



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  1. Nice! I love the chair as well. I also like that I don’t need a staple gun. I’ve been looking for a way to fill the space between my desk and the upper wall. Thanks for sharing!

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