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DIY Faux Aged Copper Vase Fillers

With fall right around the corner, I will show you how to make faux aged copper vase fillers for your autumn decor.

The countdown is on, folks.

Summer vacation is winding down and the feel of Autumn has definitely moved into the air around here.

It’s been cloudy and cooler the past few days which means it is definitely getting easier to wrap my brain around heading back to school and work.

Along with getting ourselves ready for school at this time of year, my mind starts to wander towards cozy fall decor.

And bringing in a few warmer colour tones is a great way to bring in a fall feel; like with these simple and beautiful DIY faux copper ball vase fillers…

How To Make beautiful and simple DIY faux aged copper balls vase fillers poster.

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To make these I used:

3″ FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Foam balls
4″ FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Foam balls
FloraCraft Smooth Finish® 
Modern Masters Metal Primer
Modern Masters Reactive Copper Paint
Modern Masters Green Patina
Modern Masters Blue Patina
Bamboo Skewers

I started by covering my 3″ and 4″ FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam balls with FloraCraft Smooth Finish®. I just kind of squished and smoothed it on using my hands.

Rubbing smooth finish onto the styrofoam balls.

I let it dry fully and then sanded it smooth. I applied a second coat and sanded it smooth again after it had dried.

Giving the balls a quick sanding.

Next, I used a bamboo skewer in the end of each ball in order to hold it while painting. It leaves a small hole when finished, so if you didn’t want that you could just take more time and only paint half the ball at a time.

I painted two coats of the Modern Masters Primer (waiting 1/2 hour between coats), and then let the primer dry and cure overnight. To keep them up while drying, I placed them in a mug so they stood upright.

Applying copper primer to the balls.

I painted two coats of the Modern Masters Reactive Metal Copper Paint – waiting about a 1/2 hour between coats.

Brushing metal copper paint onto the balls.

Right after applying the second coat, I spritzed the balls with the Green Patina Aging Solution. You can go as light or as heavy as you want with this to create the desired amount of patina and aging.

Spritzing the copper balls with an aging solution.

The copper balls on sticks drying.

As they dry, you begin to see the aged patina take effect…

Up close picture of the copper alls with the drying paint.

As a final step, you can let this dry, and then finish off the faux aged copper balls with a high gloss finish -or leave them with a more matte finish.


The painted balls on the wooden desk.

The balls stacked up on the table.

The balls in a wooden container.

Birds eye view of the copper balls in a container.

Think you might want to give this a try?

This is awesome! Pin it to remember it!

DIY Faux Aged Copper Vase Fillers graphic.

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  1. It’s cute and something I might do because I like to. But this is pretty costly. Might have been cheaper to buy the real deal being over $50 bucks. Idk.

    1. Hi Megan,
      Yes – I agree – I think this project works best if you want to use the copper patina paint for a variety of projects. I’ve done quite a few things with it over a couple of years, so it’s been worth having it:)

  2. These are beautiful!! I want to use the technique on my faded resin flower pots and statues outside. It states you used blue and green patina spray, but the pictures only show green sprayed. The resulting color (at least on my pc) looks like an aqua color.

    Question: Did you use both colors; green and blue?

    I just love your results!!

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