Simple DIY Peony Line Drawing with a Sharpie

Today I’m sharing how to make a simple but beautiful DIY Peony Line Drawing using only a sharpie and white paper or cardstock.  

You know when you come up with an idea but you aren’t sure how it’s going to turn out but then you decide to try it in spite of your doubts and it turns out even better than you expected?  Well, today’s DIY project is one of those ideas.  This super easy peasy DIY peony line drawing is so fun and crisp and fresh – it gives a light and airy springy feel to our mantel without adding any colour!  Black and white is really growing on me…

DIY peony line art with a sharpie graphic.

I’m really excited today to be joining my friends Ashley, Janine, and Leslie who are hosting this peony themed project hop.  I wasn’t sure what to do at first, since peonies aren’t in bloom yet and I haven’t been out shopping in many stores with a good selection of pretty florals lately.  But this idea for a line drawing came to me out of, seemingly, nowhere…

The peony line drawings framed.

Living on Vancouver Island, the peonies are close to blooming but we still have a couple of weeks until those beautiful blooms are lighting up gardens everywhere.

The white framed peony line drawings are on the mantel.

Until then, I’ve got faux peonies in a few vases throughout my lakehouse.

The line drawings sitting beside faux peonies.

I think this simple update to our mantel of my DIY peony line art is a great way to pay tribute to these beautiful blooms.

A white vase with a pink and white peony sitting beside the drawings.

All you need is a fine point sharpie as well as white cardstock.  I think you could even get away with plain white printed paper if that is all you have on hand.

The dark stone mantel with the drawings on the ledge.

I walked you through the steps for drawing your own in this video…

Easy, right?

For the single flower on a stem, start with drawing your stem and add an organic shape at the top of it…

Drawing the stem.

Then layer out to one side, keeping things (always) as simple and organic/flowing as possible…

Adding the petals.

Next, layer out to the other side, and add some organic waves above the first/central shape…

Adding more petals with a black sharpie.

And, finally, add one or two more organic swoops at the top, and fill one with tiny dots to represent the centre of the peony…

Adding texture to the flower.

For the trio of peony blooms, start with a simple shape like a bean and build out around it (like everything is flowing or growing out from this original bean shape)…

Drawing another peony.

Next add some larger flowing petals…

Adding some larger petals.

Creating the inner and outer petals of the peony.

Continue to add some undulating petals around the outside until it feels complete…

The drawing on a white paper.

And, lastly, add some simple peony leaves flowing out from 1-3 spots on the bloom…

Adding more petals to the bottom of the flower.

Repeat the process on your page to create a design of three peonies!

Showing the two different peony styles.

They key is to be relaxed about it, play around until you get the feel for it, and even start with a pencil if you wish. Also, with a simple line drawing like this, don’t be too picky or perfectionist.  Enjoy the feeling of creating art and making something that is uniquely yours and beautiful, rather than “perfect” or manufactured! I hope you enjoy the simple joy of creating something as much as I did.

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  1. This is so simplistic yet such a statement piece, I love it! I love the way your line work is clean, and framing it just added that finishing touch! I will definitely need to try this out and add some new decoration to my place. Thanks for sharing!

    – Sabrina ♡

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