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Our Fall Dining Room Tour

I can’t believe that it is October already.

October to me means it’s really fall. Like, we are most definitely completely and fully submersed in Autumn.

There’s very little chance of enjoying any  randomly hot-summer-like-days for the next few months.

The leaves are all turning. And we might even have to start raking soon.


Oh ya, that too. It’s nearly time for Halloween.

But before that… it’s time for Thanksgiving in our neck’o’the woods. And getting our dining room ready for the most thankful-of-holidays is a big highlight of the month.

This year I kept our dining room decor pretty simple with my favourite aqua glass vases, a mix of plaid and fur table runners; and some blue painted pumpkins.

Come on in for the full tour!


Our table and chairs are definitely the central feature of our dining room.

My Dad built our dining table modelling it after this one, using these table legs from Osborne Wood Products. I am working on creating digital plans for this table so I can share the DIY tutorial with y’all.



While the dining table is definitely the centerpiece of our dining room, I have to say my pew is another favourite piece. I love-love-love it… and even though I sometimes considering painting it I have so far kept it in it’s original wood finish…

The gallery wall of vintage paintings I shared all the details about here.



I made this simple little PineCone and PomPom garland a couple of years ago and it’s still one of my faves for the fall and winter…




The Japanese Maple that sits in front of our living room window provided me with the greenery for our dining room… it’s amazing how long these beautiful leaves last in water… I rounded out the table with a strip of plaid fabric left over from making the plaid pillow covers in our living room; and topped that with a piece of fun fur that I bought at a local fabric store last Christmas season.



This faux fig is a fave as well – and frankly, I decided to go faux because I don’t have a great track record with indoor plants.



My little DIY blue and white crackle glaze pumpkins





I shared our dining room console table a couple of weeks ago along with some free printable Fall art...






The curtains….

I picked these white drapes at HomeSense a couple of weeks ago and I am loving how open and bright they make our living/dining room feel. I think I’ll go back to my blue patterned ones for spring/summer but I’m excited about how well these white ones will pair with my Christmas decor this year!

And that light fixture?!?

I love it but I have some other plans in the works….

More details this Thursday about our new “biggish” project!



Did you find a little inspiration?


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Next week I will share some more details about how our kitchen is looking for fall!


Did you see our Fall Living Room and Entry Tour?

We’d love you to come by and see the rest of it!



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    1. Thank you Sabrina – I love it too! I still have to get the DIY plans posted. It’s amazing how simple it was to build such a substantial piece!

  1. Love your color choices! I have blue in my living room and love it for fall!
    Thanks for sharing with us at this week’s Merry Monday link party!
    We hope to see you again next week!
    Kate | TheOrganizedDream.com

  2. I love, love, love your home and the amazing BC view from your dining room/kitchen! I’m living abroad this year and miss autumn in Canada.
    One quick question – Where did you find that adorable owl plant stand/table in the corner of your dining room? So cute!!

    1. Thank you Heather! We love our lake view best about our house:) The owl is from Urban Barn! It’s one of the ceramic “stool/table” combos – though the top isn’t all that flat so it’s not the best “table”!

  3. i absolutely love your house and find it very inspirational. I have blue walls too, and white painted furniture. I would love a white sofa like yours, but with dogs and living in the country, mud etc, is not a white sofa’s friend.

    Have a lovely day

    1. Hi Jane! Thanks for your super kind comment! I totally understand about the white sofa- we had a lovely black lab for years and I didn’t get my white slipcovered sofa until after she had passed. We are out so much these days with all the sports and activities that our boys are in that it wouldn’t be fair to get another puppy – they need more attention and time then we have right now. The one consolation is that my sofa stays cleaner?!? Though I have found our light linen sofa cleans up really well with spills etc. from the boys -and I can’t believe how well our white slipcovered sofa washes up. We used to have dark leather though, and nothing beats that for covering!

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