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A Burlap and Pinwheel Summer Wreath for our Pink Lemonade Front Porch

This year I changed up my summer wreath and tried a burlap wreath for the first time. I am loving the contrast of the burlap against the pink wooden flowers and pinwheels.burlap and pinwheel summer wreath hanging on the door.

Here is how it all came together.

I started with a pool noodle and used packing tape to turn it into a wreath form:

A pink pool noodle on the floor.

I wrapped it with burlap that I had cut into strips. (Ignore the yellow on the wreath – I had tried it originally with a summer tablecloth but it looked too plasticky and I could not stand it!). I attached the burlap strips using hot glue.

Wrapping the pool noodle in burlap.

The hot glue gun beside the burlap.

I made some summer pinwheels using two pieces of cardstock glued together.

Holding up a piece of purple cardstock.

To create them, you cut little strips from each corner into the middle, leaving the center part connected.

Cutting little strips into the corners of the card stock.

Then you fold them over and I used hot glue to attach the folded part to the center.

Folding the card stock and using the glue gun.

Glue on the center of the pinwheel.

They looked a little flat and dark. I had chosen the navy to coordinate with our outdoor trim colour and the blackboard frame. I spruced them up with a little craft paint and added a cute button in the center.

Painting blue polka dots on the pinwheel.

pinwheel detail on summer wreath.

I hot glued a bbq skewer to the back of each pinwheel and poked them into the wreath – cut the top to the length you want first and leave the pointy end in order to ‘stick’ them in with.

Gluing a bbq skewer to the back of the pinwheel.

Next I painted some little wooden flowers with bright pink.

Using pink paint on little wooden flowers.

After they were pink I went back with a scraggly dryish brush and added some random white striping.

Adding some white to the pink flowers.White distressing on the flowers.

To finish off I hot glued a piece of burlap and button in the center of each and then attached them to the wreath using hot glue.

Buttons and burlap on the flowers on the wreath.

Done! This is the cutest summer pinwheel wreath!

The burlap wreath with pinwheel and flowers.

Up close picture of the pink flowers on the wreath.

I used the same little flowers and pinwheels to dress-up our little welcome chalkboard.

A chalkboard with the pinwheels and flowers on it.

And some pink impatients and colourful birdhouses round out the front porch décor. The drift wood is the perfect rustic addition to the galvanized planters… we collected it from our lake beach and it doesn’t require any water to look great.

front porch little birdhouses and pink impatients.

In the planter I have placed some decorative branches and hung little burlap birds from them.

Front porch little birdhouses.

 I think that adding some natural textures and fabric in decorating lets you use bright colours without them becoming too over the top… tones them down.

The front door of the house.

The wreath hanging on the door.

 Front porch with burlap pinwheel wreath and fern.

  I like how the mix of the burlap and bright embellishments balances out… just like the driftwood and galvanized buckets tones down the bright little birdhouses. The front door is painted Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore… it is one colour up from the Colorado Gray that we have in the front entry hall. The door mat was a recent purchase from Target, and I made the little pillows on the bench… the blue one is an envelope style and the little pink pillow is no-sew from a fat quarter.

Do you like changing out your wreaths for the seasons? What did you do for your summer wreath this year?




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  1. I love the bench on your front porch and I am looking for something very similar. Where did you get it?

    1. Hi Lindsay! That bench was actually a third-hand hand me down that I painted to freshen it up… used to be a yellow/gold pine. Probably vintage 90’s. Maybe check second hand sources like thrift stores, garage sales, or online listings like Kijiji or Craigslist for a piece you could redo!

  2. What a sweet welcome whenever you come home or have people visit. I could see my grandchildren enjoying this type of activity.

  3. Love your summer wreath! SO cute!!! Thanks for linking up to Make Along Monday’s June Summer Wreath Challenge! I’d love to have you pop back over in July for our nautical project challenge!

  4. simply cute wreath Krista! have to do a wreath too for summer, I’m thinking of trying out coffee filter wreath this time around, hope it will look as cute as yours!

    1. Thank you Emily! The front door is Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore… one up on the same chip as the entry hall wall colour. Thanks for your visit and kind comments!!

    1. Thanks Kelly!! I got the inspiration from you… ever since I saw your pinwheel nursery wall I can’t get over pinwheels… am glad I found a place to use some!

  5. Krista, Your front porch is perfect! What a sweet approach leading into your home. All of the touches like the driftwood, bird houses, flowers and that Bench…I just love ’em. But it’s that cutie pie wreath and it’s adorable pinwheels that seal the deal. What a neat idea. Thanks for showing how you made the pinwheels too!
    Cheers to you and yours,

  6. very, very pretty Krista! those pinwheels are too pretty, now I want to make some too! 🙂 love how you styled everything, I really love the driftwood, don’t know why but I kept looking at the picture and it looks perfect there! 🙂
    & of course I am loving all the pink going on! just finished wrapping a wreath with burlap, I want to decorate it for July 1st! I have to find a small Canada flag! 🙂
    wish you a great weekend Krista! 🙂

    1. Ingrid – a Canada Day flag on your wreath, what a fabulous idea!! Wish I would have thought of that!! One more week until the holiday weekend, yeah!!

  7. Kirsta, this is simply too adorable and I just love your porch – the colors and the whole vibe! I could sit there and be totally content! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, pinning and have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Your wreath is great! I love how you’ve used pinwheels to decorate your front porch. I just made a pinwheel garland for the 4th of July and also posted a roundup of pinwheel projects on Pinterest. Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Hi Lyndsay! I absolutely have to check that out… I am loving pinwheels these days… ever since I saw Kelly’s nursery wall (from View Along the Way) I have been looking for places to use them. Can’t wait to see your roundup!!

  9. What a cute little wreath – and you made every element! I like how the white dry-brushing added some age to the pink wooden flowers. And who doesn’t love pinwheels? I really like the colour of your front door. I’d love to have a pastel coloured door, but I am not sure it would go with my dark, dark red brick. Hmm… Are you done teaching yet? 1 week til summer vacation around here…

    1. Hi Bronwyn! Thank you… I love the pinwheels but would like to try them with some lighter weight paper next time… something that is already printed double-sided would work best. I think that a dark teal would look fabulous with dark red brick… our door isn’t that pastel in real life… quite a teal colour – but we have white siding and I painted our brick white (it wasn’t worth keeping:). I think the colour you choose needs to match the strength of your brick or it might look too washed out…? One week left here too…I think I will pull through:)

    2. I’m with Krista – a dark teal would look fabulous against the dark red brick. Try it – it’s just paint. if you hate it, repaint it! 🙂

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