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Gorgeous White, Loved & Lived-in Family Home Tour {The Restless Arrow}

Good morning, friends!

I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter weekend with their families. We had a bit of a non-traditional Easter this year since we are on Spring Break holidays {if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of the pictures so far}. Despite it being non-traditional, it has been a needed family break and time together and we are having a fabulous trip!

I’ve got an amazing treat for you today- a gorgeous home tour that will definitely prove to you that white and light can mix with a lived-in and loved family home.

I’ve been following Amber from The Restless Arrow for a while now and absolutely love her relaxed, fresh, and airy “coastal comfortable” style. Her kitchen is an absolute dream and she did it on an amazing budget.

But I will stop talking now and let Amber take it away…

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 8.44.17 AM

Y’all! I’m SO excited to be here at Krista’s today! I have admired her for so long and loved watching her talent evolve through her blog! I am more than grateful she asked me to be here!

When it comes to our home, determining a favorite space can be difficult. The memories that take place in each room all hold its own meaning.

In the dining room, we gather.



In the kitchen, we laugh and dance.


And in the living room, there is much play and silliness that keep us on our toes!


With three kiddos under four, there is certainly not much quiet time that happen within these walls.


That being said, all three of these spaces are open to each other so I am kind of breaking the rules and naming all three as my favorite.


We have been in our home, that we affectionately call The Yellow House for three years this fall. And honestly, it has taken us that long to find what we like to think of as “our style.”


Comfortable, cozy, and meaningful.


This year, I have had the opportunity to stay home with my kids and the blessing is tremendous. But with that my style evolved even more. No more knick knacks taking up space because a certain two year old would knock it down. Nothing breakable on the coffee table because too many wrestling matches end up hitting it way too hard.


But with these situations, it has become evident that pretty things are still okay but must be thought out and put up high where tiny hands cannot reach.

2016-03-13_0007 2016-03-13_0010

After three years, we see that comfort is key because we have an open door policy.


Whether it’s my husband’s basketball team or our morning Bible study, we live in our home.


We watch the train each day after lunch and play dress up at the same time.


We move pictures of artwork done at school around the house to show them that what they do is important, too.


And together, we plant seeds of more than just plants.


Seeds of love and kindness that move others to reach out, as well.

So finding a favorite space is hard because each holds a place in our heart that we hope to share with others every single day.

It would mean so much for you to visit our blog to read more of our story and a full house tour and how it went from falling in to livable!!

Thanks, again, for having me, Krista!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 8.44.17 AM

Wasn’t that a gorgeous tour? And such a warm, loved, and lived-in home that proves that white doesn’t have to mean off-limits for busy families.

And that photography? I’m drooling.

Thanks for sharing it all, Amber!

You can visit Amber on her blog and you definitely don’t want to miss her stunning feed on Instagram!

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