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Hand Sketched Sharpie Pumpkins

I will show you how I made these black and white sketched sharpie pumpkins by hand!

Hello everyone! I am seriously ridiculously excited about sharing today’s Halloween project with you: black and white Hand Sketched Sharpie Pumpkins!! These cute little babies are a bit of a change for me because they are black and white – and if you are a regular reader you probably know I have a bit of a thing for zingy colour!! But I LOVE the crisp contrast of the black and white and I think they turned out to be really playful and fun looking because of all the fabulous (hand sketched) patterns.

 Black and White Hand Sketched Sharpie Pumpkins in a wooden display bowl.

 To make these you need:


I picked my faux orange pumpkins up at the Dollar Tree. They started out looking like this:

 Faux plastic pumpkins on a white tray.

My oldest son kindly helped me remove the tags, and I removed the plastic stems in order to paint them black. I then I treated the pumpkins to a few good coats of white satin Krylon dual (paint and primer in one) spray paint.

Spraying the pumpkins with Krylon outside on a table.

I let the pumpkins dry thoroughly for 24 hours after finishing the last coat of white paint. As I mentioned, I used some flat black spray paint I had on hand to paint the green stems.

Then… I whipped out my new oil based sharpies that I picked up at a recent trip to Michaels. Use an oil sharpie (or even a black paint pen) because a regular water based sharpie won’t hold up to writing on a painted surface for very long (in my previous experience)….

Two black sharpies.

To get ideas for the patterns I just searched online for different images that I thought I would like to try and then practiced sketching them on some scrap paper. I kept my sketches nearby when it was time to draw on my pumpkin designs and just went with it. They don’t have to be perfect! They are supposed to be unique and handmade looking!!

Showing the patterns on the pumpkins, like spiders, branches.

I love how cute they turned out… what do you think?

Up close of the spider pumpkin.

The white pumpkins with sharpie designs on them.

The leopard print on the pumpkins, and polka dots.

I haven’t decided if I prefer them in this big rustic wooden carved bowl…

The pumpkins on the table as a centerpiece.

or running the length of our faux mantel:

The pumpkins on a mantel displayed with a banner.

It will be a tough choice! Hmmm… maybe I just need to make more. I have already thought of a few more patterns I could do…

Like these? Want to try it?

Pin it to remember it!

Black and White Hand Sketched Sharpie Pumpkins poster.

What do you think? How have you been decorating for fall? Are you starting to think about Halloween decorating yet? I would love to hear about it!


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  1. These are awesome!! I love the simple black-and-white contrast, plus all of the fun patterns and designs you created! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday 🙂

    1. That is a great idea! You could really go in any direction with it:) I was diggin’ the graphic bold feel of black and white – maybe I will switch it up next year!

    1. I love the leopard one too.. and also the faux wood grain one. They are probably my favourite project of the season so far:) Thanks so much Amy!!

      1. Yay Amy! Thanks – I saw that, am following you now on bloglovin’. You do fabulous projects and I didn’t want to miss any of them!!

  2. Krista, Thank you so much for linking up at A Stylish Interior! I am featuring your cute pumpkins on Stylish Friday Finds! The party goes live Thursday night at 7:00pm EST. Please stop by and grab a featured button! I would appreciate any love you could send my way. Tweet it out that you got featured! Facebook it! Google + it, whatever you’d like!
    Have a stylish day!

    1. Thank you! They were pretty fun and easy to make… and you cam really make them to suit whatever patterns you like best! Thanks so much for your visit and comments:)

  3. Hey Krista! I love these so much, I must try it this year. I’m excited to tell you that we will be featuring your pumpkins this weekend at our “Inspiration Monday Party” So nice to get to know you more. ~ Julie redheadcandecorate.com

    1. I agree Jennifer… they may have to move to the mantel once I change things up again and do a Halloween Mantel:) Thank you so much for your visit and comments!

    1. They are so expensive! Last year I spent $40 on harvested gourds and mini pumpkins from the local farmers market. This cost just over $10 plus the paint/and pen which I already had. And they will last!! Thank you soooo much for sharing it!!

  4. That is a fun project I love all the different designs you made! This is so creative and it looks so good there with the garland! Thanks so much for sharing this with me at Bewitch Me & Titi! Hope to have you back with more amazing shares! Hope you are having a marvellous week!!!

    Cami @ TitiCrafty.com

    1. Lol- the seasons can move quickly! I think these pumpkins can be fall or Halloween… am planning to make them live out the whole ‘season’!!

    1. And I love the word FANTEL! I almost forgot about that term… thanks for reminding me! I have to post about how we made it really soon:) Thank you so much for your visit and comments!

  5. Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I love the black and white and all the different patterns. I think my faves are the leopard print one and the polka dot one. I bought little white pumpkins last week and did the gold polka dots on them, but I love the varying patterns even more! These are cute and happy, just like how I think of you. 🙂 Sharon

    1. Thank you Julia!! The spiders are a decidedly Halloween touch… wonder if I can make that last through November:) LOL. It was fun to just go with different ideas and make them all unique!! Thanks so much for your super sweet comments!!

    1. Thank you Jenna!! They look better even just in white, don’t you think… the patterns are just an extra little kick:) Thank you so much for your visit and comments!

    1. Hi Hannah- I think I took the inspiration from some fab black and white chevron that I made into some pillows… was glad to carry the crisp black and white a little further! Thank you so much for your visit and comments!

  6. I did this a couple of years ago on white, orange, and black pumpkins. I used Zentangle designs and I love the way they look! Yours look great – now I’m inspired to paint some more. Thanks!

  7. Krista, I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend…THIS PROJECT! I have some of those pumpkins and have already painted them white. Never thought to bust out my sharpie! Thanks!
    Please share your awesomeness today at Stylish Friday Finds link party!!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. LOl- hope it turns out super well for you. I found the oil sharpie (or a black paint pen) works best – a regular sharpie seems to wear out quickly on a painted surface!

  8. Great project! I love how each pumpkin is different! I hope you’ll be linking this up to our All Things Thursday Blog Hop and It’s Fall Y’all Link Party.

  9. This is an awesome idea! So graphic yet pretty too. I didn’t know you could get oli-based paint pens – I must search them out with my latest Michaels coupon in hand! I love how they look mixed together in your bowl. Lovely, as usual!

  10. they are so pretty Krista! 🙂 they are perfect to decorate a mantel or any table! 🙂 love that you used a sharpie; very clever 🙂
    I started decorating for Fall and Halloween too! 🙂 nothing big , just enough of orange hi!hi!

    1. Hi Ingrid- I actually got the idea for the oil based sharpies from you and your DIY custom mug – they work much better then a traditional sharpie for many projects like this one!

  11. What a cute idea, Krista! I have a hard time holding my hand steady sometimes, so my designs should be very interesting.

    1. Maybe just go for some more flowly/less structured designs and it won’t even be noticeable! Plus the hand sketched look is part of the charm!!

    1. Thanks Ashley!! I imagine that they will – mine were a buck each but will still be a savings from the $40 I spent last year on real mini pumpkins and gourds!! ouch!

  12. Krista, what a great idea!! I definitely love how the black and white looks and your sketches are fantastic! They look perfect across your mantel with your harvest sign! I am definitely hoping to get my Halloween mantel done over the next week and thank you for keeping up the inspiration! Pinning! Have a great Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Cindy- I hadn’t planned to use them there but I liked how they looked lined up too. Might have to go back to that!! Thank you so much for your visit and comments!

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