How to Organize Your Bathroom (even without much storage space!)

Today I’m sharing how to get your bathroom(s) organized even if you don’t have very much storage space.

Welcome to Week four of the 10 Week Organizing Challenge! This week we are tackling the bathrooms. 

When we moved into this house late in the fall of 2019 we didn’t unpack everything as we knew we were going to be starting renovations right after the holidays.  The bathrooms were the first major project that we tackled, and we turned a small and narrow main bathroom into a much more spacious room with a separate bath tub and good sized shower.  We also managed to steal enough space from removing a couple of closets to give ourselves a shower in our ensuite.  But as soon as the bathrooms were finished, we moved directly onto renovating the kitchen, so I just kind of plunked all our stuff in the vanities without a whole lot of organizing, purging, or thought.

Bathroom Organization

Here is how I tackled organizing our bathrooms (even without much storage space)!

Get your bathroom Super organized poster.

As I began this bathroom organizing project, I realized that they were definitely due for some attention!  The thing is, even though we have two new lovely vanities, they don’t provide a ton of storage space.  We also don’t have any medicine cabinets as, design wise, I wanted to keep the upper walls open.  I decided to really focus on purging toiletries that we never use and was able to setup systems in each vanity that make them much more workable than they were.

I tackled the main bathroom/boy’s bathroom first.  That is also where we keep the medications as they are central to the kitchen (and our boys are old enough that ease of accessibility is not an issue).

  1. To begin with, I took everything out of the vanity drawers and baskets that sit under the drawers.
  2. I sorted through everything and purged all toiletries and other items that we didn’t need, weren’t using, or that were out of date (medications).
  3. Then I grouped items together in groups that made sense (e.g. medications by type, toothbrush related items, hair-related items, cleaning supplies,  etc.).
  4. I washed out the inside of the cabinets to prepare them for reloading.
  5. Lastly, I placed everything back in the cabinets, organizing them into like groups by category.

Even though it looks like our vanity has a good amount of space, the bathroom drawers are quite shallow and there is a lot of space taken up by the cutout for the sink plumbing.  But, after going through all of these steps, we ended up with some lovely and organized drawers and bins!

Shelf organization in the bathroom.

Organizing the drawer in the bathroom.

The children's drawer in the bathroom.

Two baskets filled with toiletries.

I love how this space feels now that it’s as fresh and organized inside the cabinetry as it looks from the outside!

A white bathroom with round mirrors and a pam leaf in the corner.

White cabinets in the bathroom.

In the ensuite bathroom, things were also quite disorganized.  The bathroom vanity has two doors on either side with shelving inside, which I did not realize would be less than ideal for storage and access.

After purging, sorting, grouping, and organizing the items we needed I decided to put in some baskets and organizers that could be used to slide in and out of the shelving, providing almost drawer-like access within the cabinet. It is so much easier to access what we need and to keep things grouped and tidy now that we’ve added these!

Holding a basket with the toiletries.

The makeup container organized.

Men's products.

Our toothbrush drawer was in terrible condition!  I added some handy plastic organizers from the dollar store that sit on the top of the drawer, so that it still opens and closes freely but they allow me to store less-used toiletries underneath them.


Toothpaste and toothbrushes.


Opening the drawer in the bathroom revealing toothbrushes and floss.

What a difference, right?!

I love having this space so much more organized with everything neat and accessible.  It also encourages me to keep it tidy on a daily basis, as it’s a very frequently used room in our home.

White towels hanging up in the bathroom.

A large round mirror  with an orchid beside it.

Q Tips are on the counter in the bathroom.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing with organizing your bathroom(s)?  Do you lack storage space?  I shared a post (see below) all about storage ideas for small bathrooms.

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  1. “Without much storage space”? Nice try. I’d love to have half this amount in our one bathroom. It all looks lovely though.

  2. Thanks for the organization ideas. On a side note, I love the blue rug, do you recall where it is from? Thanks!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you! The rug is from HomeSense (like HomeGoods if you are in the US), so unfortunately I don’t have a good online source for it! Sorry!

  3. I keep my makeup and medicine in a drawer in my bedroom. They are in trays that are easily removed and taken to the bathroom to use and than I take them back. My Doctor told me to never put medicine in the bathroom due to humidity from bathes and showers. I heard the same about makeup when watching QVC one day. The toothbrushes should be allowed to air dry, but kept away from the toilet and the sink. You don’t want someone cleaning their hands and splashing the water on your tooth brush and they should never touch anyone’s toothbrush. I keep ours in a jar with holes in them that are made for toothbrushes at the far end of the sink.

  4. Seems the makeup drawer is too far out of reach being under the cabinet. Would have loved seeing a neat counter top option. And you really purged because not much of anything in cabinet. Thanks tho

    1. Hi Sally,
      Unfortunately in our bathroom we really only have the under cabinet storage – not totally idea, but with the countertop so small I don’t want to leave things on it all the time. I don’t really mind the reach but I could see it would not be ideal for some.

  5. I love your blog, but I have to say that I do not like all of this post. You do not put medicine and make up in the bathroom due to the humidity of the room. I was raised to do the same as you, but after learning about what it can do I have changed my ways. Also did you put used toothbrushes in the drawer? That is also a no no.

    1. Hi Betty,
      That is interesting, I have never heard of that before and have always stored those things in the bathroom, including my toothbrushes. I don’t really know where else we could put them. What do you do with yours?

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