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Spring Home Decor in our Living Room

Add some color and cheer to your home with these simple ideas for spring home decor in your living room and throughout your home, while staying on a budget.

After a long, dark, and often foggy and rainy winter season I am always super excited to bust out my spring decor bins. I was even more eager this year as I missed the entire ‘decor season’ last spring! Although I loved our cozy winter decor this year, I was thrilled to add an injection of spring colors to our living room this season. I shared our spring and Easter mantel decor in this article last week.

This season, I used a mix of evergreen and spring decorations that I already owned in new and creative ways. By shopping the house, so to speak, I created a cheerful spring living room space that we love coming home to – all without buying anything new!

spring living room with lots of spring colors

Our first real Spring in this home

Last February/March/April, we were in the midst of finishing and moving into our new build home, so things were very unsettled. Now, after nearly a year of living in our new build home I feel like it is finally starting to come together. There are still several tweaks I want to make (I shared my plans and ideas for our home this year in this article) but I have switched things up a bit in our living room/dining room/foyer and am liking the changes a lot more.

Last week I shared our spring and Easter mantel decor. Next week I will be sharing our spring kitchen followed by our spring dining room decor that week after. Today I’m excited to share a glimpse of the cheery spring colors I’ve added to our living room. I’m also sharing my ideas for quickly and easily refreshing your home for spring on a very thrifty budget. Some of my friends have joined me today for the second week of my Spring Seasonal Simplicity Series. Be sure to check out their spring decor ideas at the bottom of today’s article!

So how do you refresh your home for spring time?

There are several ways that you can quickly and easily give your home a fresh feel for the Spring season, but I think it’s always great to start with a good cleaning. With the extra hours of brighter sunshine pouring in, it’s nice to start off with a good spring cleaning before switching up your decor. You can even give throws, pillows, or slipcovers a wash to revive them

vaulted living room with spring decorations

spring home decor in a living room space

How to decorate for spring on a budget:

What kind of decor can you easily (and inexpensively) add to your living room to give it a new feel for the season?

I’m pretty thrilled to say that I didn’t buy a single new item for our spring home decor this year. I made a few things, but overall I worked with what I already owned and simply refreshed our house with some lighter and airy touches.

My key tips for brining in spring decor on a budget are..

  1. Create a neutral backdrop in your home with paint colors and furnishings that support different color schemes from season to season
  2. Switch out small pieces of artwork with free printable designs to create a seasonal feel.
  3. Invest in good quality spring florals that you love and that will hold up from year to year
  4. Choose a mix of zippered pillow covers that you can switch out with the seasons without having to store entire pillows (I’ve got a great tutorial for making your own in this article)
  5. Bring in seasonal decor touches that are cute but subtle for an added pop of color and fun
  6. DIY some cute decor (see all of my spring decorating ideas on this page).

How to add spring colors to your home decor:

  1. Decorate your mantel with simple spring touches like faux spring florals and even Easter themed decor…

living room mantel with spring decorations

Spring and Easter Mantel Decor

2. Refresh your bookcases or shelving display with greenery and cute spring themed items, using pops of color that you love.

spring home decor on a bookshelf

a modern bookshelf with spring decorations

3. Change up your art using free printables! See all my free printables, including those suited to spring, here. 

moss bunnies and painted books displayed on a bookcase

2. Bring in lots of greenery, either faux or real, including potted plants or bulbs. Pepper them throughout your room, grouping them together to create beautiful displays that don’t feel cluttered.

faux spring blossoms displayed in a spring home decor living room

spring home decor in an open floor plan living room

mixing spring home decor into your regular decor

vaulted living room space with spring colors

4. Add faux spring blossoms to your vases to introduce spring color and create a cheery feel. I like to keep with a color theme each season, and this spring I used lots of white blossoms and greenery peppered with pops of pink and yellow.

faux tulips displayed in vases

faux spring blooms displayed on a spring mantel

faux spring blossoms displayed on a mantel decorated for spring

5. Reinforce your color scheme and the spring decor touches by switching out your throw pillows. I repeated the scheme that you see elsewhere in our pillows. Our spring decor is tied together using a foundation of white and blue/greens peppered with pops of pink and yellow.

pink and white pillows in a spring living room space

adding color to your home decor for spring

two pillows displayed on a modern sofa in a spring living room

Today some of my friends are sharing their Spring home decor ideas for their Living Room. Be sure to visit their posts by using the links below the images.

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