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Teen Boy Bedroom Week 3 Decisions and Progress

Progress and teen boy bedroom ideas for designing a vintage modern style teen boy bedroom for the One Room Challenge. 

Week three progress details about the teen boy bedroom ideas that I’m implementing to create a cozy space decorated in green, grey, black, and warm leather tones. 

Hello, and welcome back to my One Room Challenge – Week Three. If you’ve been following along the last couple of weeks then you know that I’ve just started the first big makeover project of our new build house; adding character to our oldest son’s bedroom.

If you’re not familiar with the One Room Challenge (hereafter I’ll call it the ORC), I’ll bring you up-to-date. It’s a 8-week long challenge in which decorators, designers, and homeowners pick a space in their home to completely update. There are feature designers for each session, as well as many guest participants (like myself) who join in each week. You can read more about this event here. 

The One Room Challenge

I’ve done the One Room Challenge a few times in the past, and I love how the challenge pushes your limits as a decorator and homeowner. And… it forces you to set really specific makeover goals and get things done in a timely manner! Making decisions can be hard for me at times, so I love how the challenge time limit makes me get on track and compete a room.

So far, I’ve shared the “BEFORE” pics of Leif’s bedroom, as well as my initial plans for the space. Last week I shared two different design boards, and asked you all for feedback about my choices! I was trying to decide between two chairs and desks, but we’ve settled on on our choices now and it’s all been ordered!

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas and the Revised Design Plan

After lots of feedback from readers and followers, as well as input from Leif and other family members, we’ve gone with the following design plan…

teen boy bedroom design plan

A Change in Layout 

As I mentioned last week, my sister-in-law helped me to move furniture around in his room, and I think we are now going to stick with this layout. His bed fits perfectly under the window and it makes the room feel less long and narrow like a bowling alley.

teen boy bedroom during makeover bed under window

Before it was like this…

teen boy bedroom before makeover bed against far wall

Now that wall is open for the mural! I’m not sure if I’ll end up putting the new desk on that wall, with the mural behind it, or whether we will just put his new chair in the corner.

teen boy bedroom desk on plain white wall

Whichever way we decide, either the desk or chair will go on the other side of the room. This is the corner you see directly ahead when you walk into the space.

teen boy bedroom with floor lamp in corner

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas with a Wallpaper Photo Mural

With the layout change I mentioned above, it means that the mural I’ve ordered will be a big feature in his room. It will no longer be blocked by his bed and nightstands! I may put the chair in that corner, or the desk on this wall. We will decide that once the mural is up. This week I ordered this wallpaper mural.

foggy forest wall mural from Photowall

I’m going to paint the rest of the room dark green on the lower half the walls, like this inspiration picture, though I think I’ll keep my painted half a little bit lower (like right around the 1/2 mark).

teen boy bedroom half painted green wall from Nesting with Grace

VIA Nesting with Grace

Room Makeover Progress So Far

This past week I didn’t get anything more ‘done’ in his actual room, but have ordered all the key pieces that we need.

I ordered this chair from Wazo furniture…though I’m having some trouble with their shipping department. It clearly states on their website that they offer free delivery throughout Canada, but now they are trying to say that they don’t ship to our area. I’m really hoping they can figure it out, because we LOVE this chair, and it’s super disappointing when a company clearly states one thing on their website and then goes back on it after you purchase the item!

Furnishings Ordered

faux leather camel chair from Wazo furniture

I ordered him a new etagere bookcase from Wayfair has been ordered and should arrive next Tuesday, April 26th.

etagere style bookcase from Wayfair

After much debate, I decided on the new, wider desk and ordered it, also from Wayfair. It should arrive on Friday, April 29th.

wood and metal desk for teen boy bedroom makeover

Once I’d gotten most of the pieces in place, I realized that we own a comfy grey velvet chair that would work well at his desk. I’m going to give it a new look by painting the legs out black, and hopefully it works out! If not, I’ll find something else. The chair we own looks like this…

velvet chair with gold legs

Otherwise, if it doesn’t seem right, we will order something more like this…

brown faux leather desk chair on wheels

He can’t wait to get this cozy rug in place…

cozy white and charcoal shag rug with a geometric pattern

I also found two wall-mounted lights for above his nightstands, to free up room since they are such small pieces of furniture.

wall mounted sconce lights for beside bed

Bedding Found

I found this bedding at Walmart as well, and I thought the black and white pattern would work well with the rest of the plans. It’s more of a coverlet, not a full duvet cover.

striped quilt set in black and white

It’s very similar to my inspiration find at Urban Barn, but a lot less expensive…

striped duvet cover set in black and white

I also picked up a mostly white duvet cover with a bit of black detailing, but I’m not sure about it yet. Bedding is still a work in progress.

Though I did also order these decorative pillows for his bed. The large ones are 24×24 I and found them on Amazon. The smaller leather and linen lumbar pillow cover was ordered through Etsy.

dark green velvet pillow cover

leather and linen lumbar pillow cover from Etsy

My TO DO List…

Now that most of my items are ordered, I’ve got quite a list of tasks to tackle in the next few weeks:

  1. Choose a paint colour (as soon as the mural arrives and I can find the best dark green tone to use for the lower half of his walls).
  2. Install the wallpaper mural.
  3. Paint the lower half of the walls dark green.
  4. Update the nightstands with black paint.
  5. Paint the gold legs on the desk chair black.
  6. Build and then style his new bookcase.
  7. Build his new desk.
  8. Determine the final furniture layout.
  9. Select and order or make art for the far wall.
  10. Install the lamps on the wall beside his bed.
  11. Sell his current bookcases and desk.
  12. MAYBE… give his closet a little decorative upgrade, depending on time.

The Timeline


So, maybe that list seems a liiiiiitttttle long. But I’m really excited for the mural to arrive so I can get started on several of the tasks. Most of the furniture and accessories that I have ordered are scheduled to arrive by the end of the month. With the final reveal being May 25th, I should be good for time. I really hope to get this wrapped up a few days or even a week early, because we are away for a soccer tournament the whole weekend before his actual room ‘reveal’. Eek!

Stay tuned, hopefully next week I’ll have some room progress shots or a DIY to share!

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  1. Definitely like the bed under the window. I did that same move in my bedroom at my Mom’s house (I moved in to be with her as she was alone & not able to drive). It made the room feel bigger and not long & narrow.
    The plan you went with is the plan I responded a yes to and cannot wait to see it all finished.

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