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How to Decorate for Spring

How to decorate for spring, when to bring in your spring decor, and how to transition your home over to spring can be easy and budget friendly with these tips. 

Come April, we are normally experiencing quite springy weather on Vancouver Island. The temperatures are generally staying warmer and it sometimes gets downright hot for a stretch. The cherry blossoms and bulbs are all in full bloom. We usually have very mixed weather where it goes from sunny to raining to sunny again within a fairly short period of time. But it doesn’t usually snow, like it did this week! 

Okay, so it wasn’t a lot of snow… the east side of the island got a lot more than we did. I have to tell you, I was ready for spring months ago. Hmmm… February, I think? That was when I started to add some springy decor touches to our home! Whether spring has actually arrived in your climate or not, this time of year is ripe for changing up your decor inside. Today I’m sharing my best tips for how to decorate for spring with some simple and thrifty ideas. 

Spring Decor Ideas 

Do you decorate for spring in your home? When do you normally do so? And how do you keep things budget friendly? Today I’m sharing my favourite simple and budget friendly ideas for adding a spring feel to your home! 

I’ve also joined some friends who are sharing their spring decor ideas. Be sure to check out what they are sharing with you by visiting the links and images at the bottom of today’s article. 

When should you start decorating for spring?

This is a big question for many, especially when several areas of North America have longer bouts of wintery weather than we do here. Is it ridiculous to add spring decor inside your home when there is still snow on the ground? 

Truly, I believe it’s a matter of personal preference, and most people consider March to be a reasonable time to transition your home over to spring. Myself, I like to start decorating for spring in late February, right after Valentine’s day most years. I think adding simple spring decor to our home around that time helps me get through those last several weeks of winter.

I also like to transition our home to spring decor before Easter. Putting out Easter eggs or little bunnies after that particular holiday is over seems a little silly, so better to start early! Plus, spring decor is cheerful, and I think many of us are looking for a little bit of cheer after a long, cold and dark winter. 

How do I transition my house for spring?

There are several simple ways to transition your decor from a neutral, evergreen, or winter feel to a springy style. I’ve shared these in more depth below, but transitioning your home to spring can be as simple as refreshing your textiles and adding flowers and greenery.

Decorating your mantel and creating a pretty spring vignette with new art or printables are other great ways to transition from winter to spring in your home.  I find that colour is so impactful, and using light and cheerful spring colours is a great way to up the spring feel of your decor. 

Finally, a good spring cleaning is always a great place to start, both inside and out. Refreshing the porch for spring creates a welcoming entry for guests, and adds a smile to your face when you come home each day. 

How do you decorate for spring on a budget? 

My favourite ways to decorate for spring on a budget are to DIY, upgrade dollar store finds, invest in good quality florals and greenery that last you several seasons, and save your pillow covers and throws from year to year. 

What are spring colors?

Colors that are associated with springtime are generally light, bright, airy, or cheery saturated tones. Pastel colors definitely have a close association with Easter. Light blue, yellow, pink, and lilac are key spring colors, as is fresh and saturated green. Grassy and mossy tone of green are also quite springy in feel, as they reflect the green we see emerging outdoors around us. You don’t have to go crazy introducing spring colors into your home, but using one or more of those colors most associated with the season is an easy way to create a spring feel in your decor. 

What are some simple ways to decorate your home for spring?

I’ve expanded on the ways to transition your home from winter to spring below. I’m also sharing some pictures from this house as well as our previous homes in the spring time as they relate to these simple spring decorating ideas. 


Finally, give your home a good spring cleaning! Dust, vacuum, wipe down things you normally forget about. Wash the windows. There are all kinds of brilliant spring cleaning checklists available, like this one that I shared a few years back. 

Decorate with spring flowers

This might be with real flowers or faux blooms. I generally pick up tulips one or two times a spring, and definitely use real flowers on our porch. Hyacinths are also an absolute favourite of mine for spring! 

Spring Kitchen Decor 

Other than that, I tend to keep my spring blossoms faux, as they will last me for several months. While they might initially be more of an investment, you can store them away and reuse them each year. 

DIY Texture Painted Vase Makeover from Thrift Store Finds

Add greenery 

I love all things green in the springtime! Green, to me, actually feels like a neutral color much of the time. I think because we live in a rainforest area and are surrounded by green, it feels calming and earthy in many of it’s tones and variations. Adding simple greenery, either from your garden or in faux branches is a great way to bring the (feel of) the outdoors in. 

Spring Home Decor in the Living Room

Eclectic Boho Farmhouse Spring Living Room

Decorate your mantel

Adding a few spring decor touches such as flowers, greenery, spring coloured accessories, or even spring themed decor items (such as bunnies or Easter eggs) is truly the easiest way to give your home a spring feel. If you don’t have a mantel to decorate, I’ve got some ideas for creating a spring vignette, instead! 

Spring and Easter Mantel Decor

Spring Mantel with Mother’s Day Quote Printablesl

Create a spring vignette

If you don’t have a mantel, you can still create a little spot in your house with some spring decor touches by putting together a vignette. I’ve often used a console table, hutch, or display cabinet for this purpose. 

Free Printable Flowers in a Vase Vintage Art

How to Style a Simple Spring Mantel or Vignette 

Refresh your throw pillows and throws

I love this one! It makes me so happy to give our couches and chairs a new look every few months just by switching out my pillows and throws. I confess I have a *ahem* minor addiction to pillows and pillow covers. I keep my pillows and covers from year to year and it allows me to switch things around on a whim, without going shopping for new ones. 

Spring Living Room Decor Ideas 

Spring Living Room

Use spring colors

Well, you’ve probably seen ALL these spring colours pop up in my pictures so far.  Light and airy pastel tones of blue, green, pink, lilac, and yellow. I love all the color come spring time, but also love to balance it out with white and neutrals. 

Spring Living Room

Spring themed decor accessories 

Spring themed accessories are things like bunnies, Easter eggs, birds, bird nests, and all things moss. I don’t like to go over the top with a ton of theme-y decor, but a few cute well chosen pieces definitely contribute to the seasonal feel of you decor. I have a few little bunnies that I like to display along with some Easter egg decor. Spring banners and garlands are also another way to add a directly seasonal touch to your home. 

Spring Kitchen

Spring Mantel

Update your art 

With our new Frame TV, it’s easy to switch out the feel of our living room pretty quickly by updating the art we are displaying. 

Spring and Easter Mantel Decor

I also love adding in a few cute free spring printables throughout the house – they are an easy and super thrifty way to create a seasonal feel.

Easter Egg Printables

3D Peony Spring Printable Art

Free Printable Peony Line Art

Watercolour Spring Printables 

Refresh your front porch 

Adding some fresh spring flowers, a new doormat, and spring wreath are a great way to decorate for spring. I shared my best spring front porch decor ideas and tips just the other day!

Spring planters are another great DIY that can add a ton of impact for the money spent – see below for my DIY spring planter article!

Spring Front Porch Decor

Beautiful DIY Spring Planters and our Spring Porch

Add a spring wreath 

Finally, cap off your door (or maybe your kitchen!) with a cheery spring wreath. 

Full Floral DIY Spring Wreath

Ombre Tulip Wreath

Fern Peony and Succulent Wreath

Dollar Store Forsythia Wreath


See! There are so many easy ways to add spring decor touches to your home that will both bring a smile to your face and keep your wallet happy. And today, some of my friends are sharing their Spring Decor Ideas and Spring Decor DIYS with you as well…

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