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Three Crows on a Misty Evening Five-Minute Halloween Wreath

Today I am sharing my DIY Halloween wreath with black crows and a misty evening!

I have a confession.

My front door has been naked lately.

No seasonal wreath.

Can you believe it?

After I took my summer wreath down, I never got around to making a Fall Wreath.

I think I was having a hard time letting go of summer this year…we had such beautiful sunny weather up until a few days ago that I liked pretending we were still enjoying the summer.

But now the rains have come. And it is chilly outside (and even inside in the mornings)…

So Autumn is here…

Time for a DIY wreath idea.

And since Halloween is most definitely next on the horizon I figured I would skip right to that – with this crazy easy five-minute project: “Three Crows on a Misty Evening” Halloween Wreath idea…

A quick and easy 5 minute Halloween wreath Three Crows on a Misty Evening graphic.


I started out with a spider web and black spiders (like these) from the Dollar Store, my reusable burlap wreath (you could use any wreath form), and three black crows (like these) that I also picked up at the dollar store.

A burlap wrapped wreath, black crows and cotton supplies laid out.

I pulled apart the spider web and wrapped it around and around the wreath until I was happy with the effect. It is not my favourite stuff to work with, but luckily for this project, the more messy it is the better….that way it reminds me more of real mist. Something we see a lot of around here in the Fall and Winter.

Wrapping the cotton spider web around the burlap wreath.

Next I just used some hot glue to help me attach the crows and spiders to the wreath. I am not worried about sacrificing the spider web/faux mist when I deconstruct this DIY wreath later- I didn’t even use a whole package of ‘web’ for this project so I am okay to throw it out later (hence the hot glue)…

Using a hot glue gun to attach the black crow to the wreath.

I actually hung my wreath on the door to do my gluing and brought my glue gun to the entry hall. Crafting in the hallway… I just found it much easier then trying to get the crows to stand up nicely while the wreath was laying down on my craft table.

After you are done gluing- well, you are done! It is that easy. Literally a five-minute Halloween project. And I think it turned out great!

There are three crows on a wreath, plus spiders.

Up close picture of the black spiders on the wreath.

A close up of the black crow on the top of the wreath.

The misty evening wreath hanging on the door outside.

 Like it? Pin it to remember it!

How to make this quick and easy 5 minute Halloween Wreath Three Crows a Misty Evening poster.

Are you a wreath fan? Do you always keep up with the seasons on your front door?

What is your Halloween wreath this year?


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  1. Too cute! Love this idea. I had the most amazing Halloween wreath filled with glittery black bats last year and wanted to keep it to use every year. After the holiday was over, I put it in a box to go to storage, but then my sweet pup and kitty decided it would be even better as a toy. 🙁 It was a sad day! And, of course, there is still glitter EVERYWHERE. I find it every day.

  2. Too right! Home certainly isn’t built in a day 🙂 I love this idea of having wreaths for each season. I always binge on autumn and forget the other three!

    Chez x

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