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White Peach Sangria Smash

This is the best light fruity white peach sangria smash recipe that you will find!

A few weeks ago my husband and I attended a local fundraising event at a local restaurant. On special that evening were glasses or pitchers of a lovely white wine sangria. Now, I’ve not been a big fan of many of the sangrias that I’ve tried before, so I was skeptical. But friends of ours ordered a pitcher to share so I gave it a try.


Fresh and light and fruity with just a hint of white wine flavour. Not too sweet with a perfect balance of refreshing mint and tangy lime.

So, I decided to give it a try for myself. Now, I had a basic idea of the ingredients, but no idea as to amounts or methods; so I figured I’d just play around with my own recipe until I came up with something I loved just as much as the one I’d tried at the restaurant.

And today I’m sharing my own personal recipe for this refreshing white wine sangria; I’m calling it white peach sangria smash. Because it’ll be a smash hit at your next hosting event.


A glass with the yellow sangria and a blue and white straw.

I used frozen peaches and blackberries, though I allowed the blackberries to thaw for a while before using. I also used organic lime juice, fresh mint, white wine (Moscato), raspberry vodka, and 7-up. Alternatively, you could substitute a lemon-lime soda water as a topper if you prefer less sweetness.

Start by placing a few sweet blackberries, a peach slice, and a fresh mint leaf or two into each of the glasses. You could muddle these up for a little extra flavour…

Balckberries, peaches, and a mint leaf in a glass.

Next blend the remaining ingredients, except for the 7-up, to create a wine slushie (see recipe below). Pour it into the glasses…

The glasses filled half full with the sangria.

 And top with 7-up!

Putting the 7 Up in the glass to top it off.

For 2 drinks


2 ounces of raspberry vodka
6-8 ounces of white wine
3/4 cup of frozen peaches
2 tbsp lime juice
4-6 mint leaves
2/3 can of 7-up or lemon-lime soda for less sweetness
blackberries, peach, lime, or mint to garnish

To make:

Blend the vodka, white wine, frozen peaches, lime juice, and mint leaves until liquid.
Garnish the bottom of the glass with blackberries, mint leaves, and a peach slice (frozen is fine).
Pour the blended mixture into two glasses, then top with 1/3 can of 7-up.
Garnish with blackberries, mint leaf, a lime or peach slice.
Add a straw and enjoy!

So. Good!!

But you’ve got to try it for yourself and tell me what you think!

The sangria in a glass, a leaf of mint and a lime beside it.

 Up close picture of the clear glass mint and lime on the counter.

 Two glasses of the sangria filled to the top with a peach slice on the rim.

Want to remember this?

White peach sangria smash graphic.

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Strawberry peach drink on the table.

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  1. Sangrias are lovely though i have never taken this white peach one before. I think i might try it out this weekend.

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