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Boys Bedroom Ideas

These boys bedroom ideas are great inspiration for a boys bedroom makeover; including tween or teen boy bedroom ideas.

If you’re looking to design a bedroom space for a boy in your home, then I’d follow these simple steps to keep it on budget. It’s a good idea to focus on keeping the main/expensive pieces neutral, which adding in less expensive accessories and decor that can be changed over time as your child grows. Invest in a good quality bed and dresser, for example, that can grow with your child. If you choose a twin sized fireman bed, you’re limited to a very specific number of years of use. If you invest in a good quality double bed frame, you can change up art, sheets, pillows, and even paint much more inexpensively to transition your child through the years.

  1. Decide on a loose ‘theme’ based on their interests
  2. Determine how to make that theme evident in their space (think: artwork, a mural, color, or accessories)
  3. Choose a color scheme based on their theme, interests, and preferences
  4. Select key pieces that will last through different ages and style changes
  5. Accessorize with things that suit that now and that are easy or inexpensive to change over time

Today I’ve gathered together some fabulous boys bedroom designs that I hope will inspire you while designing a fun and cozy space for that special boy in your life.

Boys Bedroom Ideas: Our Son’s One Room Challenge Room Makeover

You might know that I’ve recently started to tackle our older son’s bedroom for the Spring One Room Challenge. We are going with a moody forest feel, as one of his favourite hobbies (and biggest passions) is mountain biking. And around here, that means you’re biking in moody, misty forests for a lot of the year!

Here is his inspiration board. You can read more about where we are at in this boys bedroom room makeover in this check-in post:

He’s pretty excited that it’s finally his turn to have his room refreshed, as I’ve done his younger brother’s twice in the past!

Our Previous One Room Challenge Makeovers: Boys Bedoom Ideas 

A couple of years back, in our Forest House, we gave our younger son’s room an “Adventure theme” boys bedroom makeover. Both of our boys really love biking, so the theme arose from this hobby of theirs.

Tween Boy Adventure Bedroom Makeover Reveal at The Happy Housie

About four years ago, when we still lived in our lake house, we gave our younger son’s bedroom a surf style theme boys bedroom makeover. He loved his wave wall mural! It’s what has inspired us to use a Photowall mural again this time for our older son’s room.

Surf Style Boy’s Bedroom Makeover Reveal at The Happy Housie

As I mentioned, our older son is pretty excited it’s his turn for a full-on room makeover. Most things have now arrived and I can’t wait to see it all come together. While I was creating his bedroom design plan, I spent some time looking at other ideas for teen boys bedrooms and decided I’d share some of my favourites with you.

Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas

There are definitely some commonalities amongst some of these boys bedrooms, and one of the things I noticed is how great different kinds of paneling look in boys bedrooms! I also love when a design incorporates a child or teen’s interests and preferences when it comes to things like color schemes and accessories. Shelving is a fabulous way to incorporate some personalized accessories and decor items, and can create a really cozy feeling when placed on either side of the bed.

Create a feature wall with paneling 

Paneling is a great way to add some interest and character to a boys bedroom (or any space, for that matter!). I found a few fab boys bedroom designs that featured some kind of paneling on my search for inspiration and ideas.

This gorgeous boys room makeover at Southern Revivals features a lot of the elements I’m including in Leif’s new room – as it has the same kind of colour scheme with black and white and warm camel toned wood and leather. We are bringing in a lot more green on the walls in our case, but I love the black feature wall in this room. You can also see the whole space was done in floor to ceiling board and batten, which adds a ton of texture.

Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover Reveal at Southern Revivals

Another example of full heigh board and batten is in this gorgeous boys bedroom makeover at Bless this Nest. This time around, it was done on a feature wall instead of in the whole space. The black and white colour scheme really makes the came leather chair and pillows pop. I also like the feel of the metal and wood furniture for a boys bedroom.

Teen Boy Bedroom Reveal at Bless This Nest 

Board and Batten paneling used in a half wall application looks gorgeous in this cozy and relaxed feeling boys bedroom makeover at Twelve on Main. The low bookcases under the window are a great use of space. The upholstered headboard with nailhead detailing and framed jersey give this room a classy feel.

Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover and Reveal at Twelve on Main

Incorporate their interests  

As with the jersey over the bed in the previous example, this simple but cute boys bedroom design features a rustic backed basketball hoop over the bed. There is a mix of grey, black, and camel/warm wood tones that helps this room feel cozy and inviting even though it’s quite simple and clean lined.

Rustic Teen Boy Bedroom at The Lived in Look

Add some color and wallpaper

I love the mix of wallpaper and paneling with a bold dark blue colour in this fab boys bedroom design by CC&Mike. It feels fun and modern but still has a classic vibe to it that feels mature enough it could grow with a child from the tween years through to college. The bold blue accents an otherwise neutral palette with lots of white, black, and grey.

How to Plan a Teen Boy Bedroom He’ll Love at CC&Mike

A feature wall behind the bed featuring a wall mural of different kinds of shoes is a super fun addition to this boys bedroom. It adds a ton of character and speaks to the interests of it’s owner. The modern mural also contrasts nicely with the more rustic feel of the modern yet rustic linear wood headboard. The non-traditional pops of colour add a further edginess to this space.

Teen Boy’s Bedroom Reveal at Addison’s Wonderland

Add shelving on either side of the bed

Adding some shelving gives the area around the bed an extra sense of coziness, and reinforces the beds place as the focal point of the room. It’s also a really convenient way to make use of space in a child’s bedroom.

In the room below, built-in shelving gives the bed area a completely custom feel. Doubling up by incorporating a desk into the built-in shelving makes a small space that much more functional. This room also has a slightly industrial vintage feel to it, with the cage light fixtures, brick feature wall behind the bed, and giant letter sign.

Teen Boy Bedroom Source List at Remodelandolacasa

Even if you don’t have built-ins, you can add rustic industrial open shelving. This fun hockey themed room suits the boys interests but isn’t over-the-top in it’s theme-y-ness. The warm woods are grounded by dark grey walls, and the rustic industrial pipe shelving creates an enclosed feel to the bed.

House of Hockey Teen Boy’s Bedroom at A Fresh Coat

Lots of great ideas for a boys bedroom, right? I hope you found some to inspire you!

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  1. I love the Hockey themed sporty themed room, thanks for sharing. I do prefer sports themed rooms for boys as they can be timeless. We have used a football theme for both of our sons and the eldest who is nearly 29, still has the same Brighton and Hove Albion wallpaper 🙂

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