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Easy Elegant Dollar Store Halloween Decor Ideas & Mini Home Tour

Today I’m sharing some easy but elegant dollar store Halloween decor ideas along with a mini Halloween home tour. 

It’s been a couple of years since we did much in the way of Halloween decor around here. Truth be told, we live about 15 minutes out of town, and the houses are so spread out around here (or else sporadically occupied due to the number of “summer” owners), that we don’t even get a single trick-or-treater knocking at our door! We head into town and usually trick-or-treat with some friends and around my parent’s neighbourhood, so we’ve never gotten into the habit of decorating outdoors for Halloween.

BUT….my youngest really loves the Halloween day. He bought this year’s costume during the last week of August (an Astronaut), and he’s worn it around the house almost everyday since. He’s even slept in it! (I guess Astronauts sleep in their space suits?!).

So for his sake, I decided to bite the bullet and bring a little bit of his favourite holiday into our decor. Using only dollar store and DIY items, I managed to infuse a little bit of an elegant Halloween feel in less than an hour. Thrifty and quick – two of my favourite things when decorating!

Easy Elegant Dollar Store Halloween Decor Tour graphic.

Today I’m honoured to be joining my talented friend Kristen from Ella Claire Inspired for a Halloween Home Tour hop. You can see who else is sharing some Halloween decor ideas today down at the bottom of this post!

As I mentioned, we don’t do much on the porch aside from our usual fall porch decor but I did add some dollar store spiders to my DIY fall wreath…

Little black spiders on t a wreath.

In fact, you’ll see that dollar store items are the key ingredient around here. Plastic spiders along with paper cutouts of spider and rats (also dollar store), as well as black crows galore (dollar store!). Rats, crows, and spiders are creepy enough for me… no need for any blood or guts.

A skeleton is beside wheatgrass on the side table.  A wooden mirror has black spiders on it.

The spider is sitting on a white small pumpkin.

I added a few simple Halloween touches to the mantel, as well.

My DIY hand sketched sharpie pumpkins, as well as some crows, spider cutouts, and simple netting (dollar store!)

There is black netting on the fireplace mantel.

A black velvet pillow is on the white chair.

There are black plastic spiders crawling up the fireplace.

Spiders, black netting and black crows are on the fireplace.

Up close shot of the black crow.

White pumpkins with black drawings on them.

And who can resist a few more of those black plastic spiders in the flowers…

Finn was pretty thrilled when he spotted those. He said “MOM! There are even spiders in your flowers!”. Why, yes, Finn, yes there are… (strong powers of observation, that one).

A black pumpkin and flowers with spiders.

Faux flowers crawling with spiders.

A dining room table with a light fixture above it.

The dining room area got a similar treatment. The runner is a DIY from a few years back… and the dough bowl centrepiece was dressed up with some crows and spiders.

I also taped some rat cutouts to the top of the chair rail. EEK! RATS are the WORST and creepiest, in my book.

There is a black owl on the dining room bench.

The dining room with a wooden bench and wooden dining room table.

Crows are in the dough bowl in the middle of the table.

A dough bowl filled with flowers, pumpkins and crows.

The centerpiece in the dining room.

The other day I shared this free printable trick-or-treat banner, along with a Halloween vignette. I tweaked the vignette a little when I added some more decor throughout the house, and wound up using some DIY pieces from previous years as well.

There is an antique typewriter on the sideboard.

A trick or treat banner is strung up on the mirror.

The skull (large and mini!) were cheap, ugly plastic dollar store finds that I transformed with some spray paint as a Pottery Barn knock-off project. You can read that tutorial here. 

Many different sizes of silver skulls are on the table.

And the little spell bottles were another DIY that I’ll share soon!

Bottles of witches brew on the table.

There is a Halloween vignette on the sideboard.

Not bad for only dollar store and DIYs, right?

Don’t forget!

Today several of my talented and crafty decor blogging friends are sharing their Halloween decorating ideas. I can’t wait to take their tours…

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Want to remember all these fun tours? Pin it!

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  1. Did you paint the buffet that is a sea/teal whitewash color? If so, what colors did you use. I would like to do this in my house.


  2. I love all your dollar store finds! Isn’t it the best place for Halloween? I pull my crows out every year! LOVE all your simple decorating ideas.

  3. It looks so good, Krista! I’m sure your kids love it. I had no idea you didn’t get any trick-or-treaters. I guess that could be a good thing because someone always has to stay behind at our house to hand out the treats.
    Hugs, Jamie

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