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One Room, Three Ways: A Coastal Inspired, Boho Chic, and Vintage School House Entry Hall

I’m so excited today to show you my most recent little styling project… our entry hall decorated in three completely different ways: coastal, boho chic, and vintage school house. Have you been following the One Room Three Ways Challenge that has been going on this week? The idea was to redecorate (or restyle) one room in your house in three different ways spending only $100. I LOVE shopping the house to change up the look of my rooms – so this challenge was right up my alley… and I managed to do it without buying a single thing. Check out Eclectically Vintage, Jennifer Rizzo, The Lettered Cottage, Thistlewood Farm, Home on the Bay, and Dear Lillie for their amazing room transformations!

Entry Hall one room three new ways at thehappyhousie

Do you remember what our entry hall looked like to start? You may have seen it recently on our summer house tour

original entry hall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie


After adding the board and batten the entry hall has already had a few changes… I haven’t quite settled on the look I want for it, so I thought it was the perfect spot to try this challenge out. First, I tried styling it using a Coastal/Nautical look with red/white/blue as the feature colours.

Coastal Inspired Entry Hall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

I brought in a red hall stand that usually lives in our kitchen, a wicker chair that lives in a basement bedroom, the large basket from our laundry room, the rug from our ensuite, driftwood from our front porch, pillows and lanterns from the basement, and art and accessories from various spots around the house.

red white blue coastal entry hall door view 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

red white blue coastal entry hall gallery wall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

red white blue coastal entry hall basket and cabinet 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousiered white blue coastal entry gallery wall closeup at thehappyhousie

red white blue coastal entry hall basket and cabinet 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

red white blue coastal entry hall lanterns 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousiered white blue coastal entry hall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

red white blue coastal entry hall mirror hook wall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

Once I completed this look I almost didn’t want to take it down… I really loved the fresh crisp look of it and felt like it complemented the bright white board and batten perfectly. But down it came… and onto look two.

Next I thought it would be really fun to try a ‘boho chic’ look… with lots of patterns and colours all mixed together.

boho chic entry hall label 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie


I brought in the new little desk and chair I have been working on for my office nook (details coming soon), the owl stool from the living room, our plant stand from the end of the hall, and other art and accessories from throughout the house. To dress the opposite wall I used a bunting from my craft room and draped it around a piece of driftwood that usually sits on the DIY chalk painted media console in the living room.

boho chic entry hall door 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

boho chic entry hall chair wall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

boho chic entry hall gallery wall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

boho chic entry hall plant stand 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

boho chic entry hall desk vignette 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

boho chic entry hall gallery wall closeup 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

boho chic entry hall hook wall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

boho chic entry hall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

I kind of enjoyed the fun, fresh, colorful vibe of this styled space but think that it would be a little too much for me on a daily basis in our entry hall. I might like to take on a fun approach like this in a more contained space, like my craft room, so that all the color and pattern doesn’t start to overwhelm me as I walk past it 100 times per day.

The third and final (for now… hehehe) look that I wanted to try out is sort of a ‘Vintage School House’ style…

Vintage School House Entry Hall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

I brought in a recent desk project that live in my older son’s (under transition) room, as well as a vintage office style chair from our basement. I added various accessories from around the house, almost all of which are garage sale purchases. These include the vintage toy trunk, old globes, vintage children’s books, and clipboards. I displayed alphabet cards that we have from our oldest son’s toddler room… on the opposite wall I have a garage sale chalkboard hanging with some lettering practice for you to follow:)  Just because it is summer doesn’t mean that you should slack on your school work!

vintage school house entry hall door 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie


vintage school house entry hall desk 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

vintage school house entry hall desk vignette 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

vintage school house entry hall chair 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

vintage school house entry hall gallery wall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

vintage school house entry hall vignette 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie

vintage school house entry hall chalkboard at thehappyhousie

vintage school house entry hall 1 room 3 ways at thehappyhousie


So… which of these rooms do you like the best, and why? I would love your feedback! Before I did this little project I felt reasonably pleased with the entry hall… but now I am not so sure! It was fun to see how such a small space can look so completely different within only a few minutes.

Thanks for reading! And, remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!


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    1. Hi Jenny! It is Benjamin Moore Colorado Gray… but it is really more blue then gray in real life. Thanks for popping by!

  1. Krista, I just saw this post and love them all! But I think my eye is drawn to the boho chic. Although like you, it might be a little much on a daily basis. I’d probably remove some of the decor to give it the biggest bang with less. None the less, its beautiful!
    Question? Maybe its silly for me to ask but how do you put up all your decor on the walls without leaving visible damage? Or do you use a different method?

    1. Hi Rhoda! The hallway paint colour is called Colorado Gray by Benjamin Moore – I think it will soon be extending into the kitchen as well. I love this colour!! Thank you so much for visiting!!

  2. I love them all! One for each mood I may go through. LOL! Gotta pass this on to my daughter because she will go absolutely bonkers over the boho as I did. 🙂

  3. What an awesome way to show how just a little restyling can completely change the look of a room. I will be featuring this tonight at my Sizzle into Summer party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

  4. Amazing! What a fun experiment. I like elements of all three looks, but I think the coastal might work the best overall. I can’t believe you had so many great things already in your home! I am a new follower on bloglovin. 🙂

  5. I love all of these Krista! So many fun elements in all of them! Thanks so much for sharing at The Inspiration Exchange – your ideas truly are inspirational and we’ll be featuring this tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and are enjoying all of this beautiful weather!
    Jenn 🙂

    1. Hi Gail,
      Thank you! I agree, coastal is my favourite… the little trunk is a vintage piece from a garage sale – it was the ladies toy trunk over 60 years ago. Imagine that all her toys and books would be kept in that one trunk. I kind of wish we still had that kind of simplicity in life instead of soooo much stuff for everyone in the house! Toys have gotten pretty out of control and I don’t think it is good for kid’s imaginations. Anyhow… sorry to rant on like that! So glad for your visit and kind comments!!

  6. Oh my goodness!! Wonderful! I love the coastal inspired best …I think! That Boho chic is pretty fabulous too with all the color and eclectic-ness….wow.

    Thanks for sharing on Project Inspired!!! pinned !!

    1. Hi Nancy! I agree, coastal was my favourite… but I love the boho chic too- just not for there. And my son’s bedroom is going to have a good deal of those vintage school house finds in it:) Lots of great garage sale stuff!!

    1. I think the first was my favourite too… in fact I am often tempted to put it back that way:) Thanks for your visit and comments!

  7. Krista, you always have such pretty posts! I love your use of bright color, it makes every room look so happy and inviting! 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly!
      You totally made my laugh out loud. Don’t they say that dislike is the highest form of flattery… oh no, wait a minute, that is ‘imitation’. Right. Heehee. I love the fun fresh colour in the boho but know my husband wouldn’t be having much of it for very long:) Truth be told, it is all back to it’s old look now. Well, the gallery wall did have to move around because I couldn’t really remember the way it was before. And decorate your house? As if you need my help, you talented lady!!

  8. These are all so cute! I love how different the same space can look. Isn’t if fun to change things up now and again? Thanks so much for sharing! Happy 4th of July week to you!

    1. Hi Brooke!
      Thanks… it was a fun little experiment to try such a small space in such different ways! Thanks for your visit and kind comments!

  9. So hard to pick a favorite Krista!!!! I don’t know how you could pick one too! I’m inlove with the vintage school vignette- I guess because I know your a teacher, so I think it best suits you, but ALL OF THEM ARE GORGEOUS!

    1. Hi Vel! I can’t wait to use a lot of the stuff from the vintage school one in my son’s new bedroom redo… those globes, books, and desk were all picked up at garage sales for his room!

  10. Krista, I love your three versions!!! How fun and and imaginative! My favorite is the coastal one, but I think it would be great to do the schoolhouse version come fall (and maybe the boho version for spring!) Thanks for sharing all your clever ideas for changing up a space – I’m inspired!

    1. Hi Lisa! I totally agree, the coastal appealed to me the most right now, maybe because it feels so summery against the white board and batten. Thanks for your super kind comments!

    1. Hi Nicki!
      It was a fun experiment to use all those bright boho chic colours together like that… I am sure my husband wouldn’t be keen on that look long term. Think it would be a perfect craft room (or teen girls room:)

  11. Hi, I love your decorating designs. It’s hard pick. I do love the color of your wall, can you tell what the color of your wall paint. Im getting ready to paint my office and really like the color.
    thank you.

    1. Hi Virginia! The upper walls are painted Colorado Gray by Benjamin Moore. It is a blue/grey/green colour that has lots of color too it but can blend with a lot of other colours as well. I’m loving it:) Thanks for your visit and comments!

  12. Wow. Pretty impressive. Tell me you didn’t do all of that this week. 😀 I really like the top image but the Boho colors spoke to me too. I am a color evangelist! Love it. Visiting via Serenity Now.

    1. Hello and LOL! Yes I admit that I did… each room probably took about an hour to set up/ put away again. I spread it out. I have a secret illness that makes me really enjoy such ridiculous staging projects. I am a huge colour fan too!!

  13. This is amazing how you changed your entry in so many ways. Boho chic version is so refreshing and happy:). I love the desk and all colors that you put together. Vintage school is full of caracter and again your desk is amazing. So happy you shared with us:)

    1. Hi Emilia! I love the colours in it too… that totally has to be my craft room theme I think. I did that desk for my office nook in the dining room… I will be sharing more about it soon:)

  14. What a fun challenge! I love how each of your options is so different, but they all really WORK! Gorgeous! I love them all, but I have to say the nautical one is my fav…I agree about the clean lines and the red and blue really popping off the white board and batten. Great job, Krista!

    ~Abby =)

    1. Hi Abby! I love the nautical one too, but I think it could be the time of year… or it could be that it looks best against the board and batten. Truth be told, it is back to its ‘old’ look for now:) It was a fun experiment though!

  15. I’m so impressed Krista – not sure which one is my favorite – they all look great. I love that you were able to do all three looks by shopping your own house. Glad to know I’m not the only one hoarding home accessories 🙂

    1. Hi Kris! LOL! I know… a bit of a hoarder. Have a few stashes throughout the house. It can be hard to let go of them, “in case” you might need them again – am I right??

  16. Wowie!! You totally transformed the space each time! 🙂 I think my favorite is the nautical version….but….I think it would be so fun to go with the back to school theme in the fall….it’s sooo cute!! I love your creativity, Krista! You’re inspiring me!!

    1. Thank you Diane! I think the nautical is my favourite too, but it might just be the time of year that is influencing me. Come end of August I might be ready for the vintage school house look. Either way, it was a fun little project!

  17. So cool to see the Design progression…they are all so cool! It’s amazing how the basics of the room (color, floor, wainscoting) all adapt so well to the different styles!

    1. Hi Katie!
      I agree… it was interesting to see that the traditional looking board and batten could work so well with different looks -especially with the boho chic, which you might think would look awkward mixed with b&b. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sonya! Mine is metal too…. but I painted the metal out with white oil based paint designed for metal/wood. It was looking pretty worn and I wanted to freshen it up a little for my son’s bedroom redo. Thanks for your visit and kind comments!

  18. You are amazing!

    I loved your first look, but then I saw each of the other three and now I can’t decide which is my favorite. I’m still trying to do one look in my hallway and it’s a slow process for me!

    These are all beautiful, really beautiful. you have lovely things.

    1. Thank you!! I think it is easier to style something when you know it is temporary then when you think it is for the long term. Since I change stuff around so often I am usually fairly quick at making decisions because I know I don’t have to be ‘stuck’ with it for long if I don’t end up liking it. Thanks for your awesome kind comments!

  19. Krista, your blog is a new favourite of mine. I opened my email like it was a treasured magazine, just arrived. I like the first iteration best – Coastal! I’ve been trying to add a coastal flair to my decor and was delighted to find the small cabinet you used is almost identical to one I have in my den/kitchen. I just painted it a deep coral last fall to brighten up the corner.

    As for the schoolhouse look, having just finished the school year, I can barely stand to look at all the items. You must understand, being a teacher yourself. The desk you bought for your son will be very nice. Just perfect, actually.

    I’ll look forward to your next blog post.

    1. Yay! Thanks for your super kind awesome comments!! Totally made my day:) I agree that the coastal was my favourite too… think I will switch back to it tomorrow. Deep coral sounds amazing!! I understand about the school look… just finished my last day today. Although the vintage school house was cute I would prefer this look in a playroom, kids room, or even office. But it was fun to try it out in the entry for a few minutes:)

  20. You are amazing Krista! you did all this and took lovely pictures! 🙂 I love every single look! don’t know which one I prefer because I love them all! love the colors oh! your house is so welcoming, you should style for a magazine my friend! 🙂
    wish you a great weekend!

    1. Ingrid you are too sweet! I wish I could have been a stylist…what a fabulous job that would have been, wow!! Thanks for your sweet encouraging words:)

    1. Hi Amanda! I totally agree – I love the driftwood filled basket and the lanterns too. Think I might have to switch back to this look for summer:)

    1. Hi Christine! No, those pictures are all from this week. I really did take it on as a little project. Once I planned in my head what I would use it didn’t take too much time to do the actual moving and styling. That kind of thing is what I love!!

  21. Hey Krista! I love your hallway in each rendition. But my absolute favourite is the coastal inspiration. I love the primary colours of the red and the blue against the white. I love the lanterns and the comfy looking wicker chair. It says Welcome and Welcome Summer!

    Sue xo

    1. Thank you Sue! I think I might have to switch it back to that coastal look… I love it so much too. Perhaps keep my current gallery wall but bring back the hall stand and the wicker chair and lanterns… hmmm. I might be going for look number five this week!! (original, three new looks, and another coastal look). Is that too many? lol

  22. I have to say I like them all but the boho chic is my absolute favorite. I love the happy colors, fun accessories and there are plants involved.

    I found you recently (via Kelly, LOVE her) and you have become a favorite quickly. Adore your style and personality. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Beth! I think the plants look super pretty too… have to think about adding some more in the house I think. I love outdoor gardening but have never been very successful with house plants (i.e. they seem to meet an untimely end with my help). I think I need to do a boho chic craft room… would love that as my fun colorful creative space! Thanks so much for your super kind comments- you have totally made my day!!

    1. Thanks Anne! It was a good little workout… lugging furniture and accessories all over the house, setting up, putting back… you have to do it for real to get the actual effect!

  23. Hi Krista, I was so excited to see that you used your front hall to change up for this challenge because I just love that space! You really have a talented eye when it comes to styling!! I think I would have to say my favorite is the coastal, because it’s summer and I love the pop of red against your blue wall. But, the former second grade teacher in me LOVES the vintage schoolhouse. That would be perfect for back to school.

    1. Hi Courtney! Thanks so much for your super kind words!! I think the season is making me love the coast look too… in fact, I feel kind of tempted to put it back that way. Hmmm… I love the vintage schoolhouse too, lots of those things will be in my son’s nautical/camp theme room– I guess I should have called it nautical/camp/vintage schoolhouse:) But now that I see the vintage schoolhouse stuff together I am feeling some playroom inspiration coming on:)

    1. Hi April! I have been collecting stuff for a long time now… and try not to get rid of anything that I actually really like in case I need it someday:) My husband would probably love to rent a dumpster and throw a bunch out but then I couldn’t shop the house!

    1. LOL Denise! I have holes… but I use command strips for a lot of things and then everything light is just hung with a push pin so the hole is minimal – there are no nails on that wall because all the stuff is so light!

  24. Love all of them even the style you had for the home tour. I do have a question for you? The fish that you had hanging did it come from dollarama, because I had found some like it that had purchased & spray painted.

      1. Yes they were ugly but both of us found their potential with some spray paint and now their pretty

    1. Hi Alana! I love those little books… just picked up the whole set for my son’s bedroom for $2 at a garage sale. What a find, eh? I think the first is my favourite – but wonder if I am influenced by the time of year:)

  25. Krista your entry looks wonderful every single way! You have some gorgeous treasures, and a great eye for putting it all together just right. Love it all 🙂

    xo, Tanya

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