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Tart & Refreshing Raspberry Sparkling Wine Mimosa Recipe

Today I’m sharing a simple raspberry sparkling wine mimosa recipe that would be the perfect complement to a spring or summer meal, such as a Mother’s Day brunch!

Wow, the first month of spring has certainly whipped by around here…but I confess I’m thrilled and grateful that May has arrived! It just might be my favourite month of the year. The weather is turning warmer, the days are much longer, and we often get stretches of lovely sunshine. Always so welcome after what is usually a rainier month in April.

Plus! May means Mother’s Day! A day devoted to celebrating all that we do to care for those whom are most important to us in the world. Us Moms. We’re hard to beat, right? I’ll toast to that!

It’s always fun to get together with our extended family on Mother’s Day for some kind of fun celebration, whether it be lunch, dinner, or a brunch! And today I’ve joined up with some of my blogging friends to share our menu ideas and recipes for Mother’s Day brunch.

Raspberry sparkling wine mimosas graphic.

Mine just happens to be a version of a mimosa, which is a favourite brunch treat to enjoy on holiday occasions. Since raspberries are one of my most loved fruits, I thought why not add that into the mix instead of regular old orange juice.

And I’m glad I did, because these raspberry sparkling wine mimosas, are absolutely delicious! This refreshing drink was very simple to make and lends them selves easily to an alcohol-free or kid version, as well!

The mimosas in clear glasses on the table beside a cut lemon.

Simply begin by placing some frozen raspberries, along with a small wedge of lemon and mint leaf inside of a wine glass or champagne flute. I like to use frozen raspberries for this step because then you can keep your drink cold without adding ice, which will water down the flavour as it melts.

Raspberries, a cut lemon, and mint in the bottom of a glass.

Then pour in enough raspberry juice to fill 1/3 or so of the glass, and top it off with the sparkling white wine (or champagne).

For kids or non-drinkers, simply substitute some lemon lime soda for the sparkling wine. It makes for a delicious (kid-approved!) treat!

The wine and juice is added to the berries in the glass.
An aerial look at the drink in the glass.
The slice of lemon floating on top of the drink.

And today I’m joining up with a super talented group of blogging friends who are also sharing their ideas and recipes for a Mother’s Day Brunch!

8 delicious Mother's Day brunch recipes graphic.

I can’t wait to try to delicious looking simple punch recipe at Happy Happy Nester…

And with it being Mother’s Day, it’s idea to keep things simple, so why not consider something that you can prepare ahead of time. I’m dreaming of this hatch chili egg bake breakfast casserole at Tauni Everett…

If you are looking for some more ideas of what to serve, then head over to see what Doreen Corrigan has planned for the perfect Mother’s Day Brunch Menu…

And if champagne is not your thing, perhaps you’d prefer a Mother’s Day Brunch featuring these beautifully simple Spanish Gin & Tonic’s that Ashley is sharing over at Modern Glam…

Muffins are always a favourite in this household, and I know that these Strawberry Lemon Crumple Muffins at Finding Lovely would be an absolute hit with my youngest…

But I would love to be served this unique twist on classic Benny for Mother’s Day brunch. Christina at The DIY Mommy is sharing these easy waffles eggs benedict brunch idea…

And, if you are looking for more delicious and beautiful Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas head over to My 100 Year Old Home to see what Leslie is sharing with us today…

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  1. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us at the Talk Of The Town Party. This sounds like a yummy mimosa alternative! Pinned 🙂

  2. Your raspberry mimosas not only look delish but they are so beautiful and perfect for the warm weather ahead! Thanks for joining us today Krista! xoxo

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