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Tween Boy Adventure Bedroom Week 4 Update

Today I’m sharing the progress in week four of  our youngest son’s tween boy modern adventure bedroom makeover as part of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge.

Welcome to the fourth week of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge!

Originally today was going to be our “reveal” day but we’ve added an extra week due to some shipping issues etc. that arose within the group.  I am thankful for the extra week, myself.  I’m still waiting for a couple of key pieces and I also need to finish up a few jobs before getting the room ready to take pictures and share with you all!

It’s kind of fun to share a room makeover like this, with little updates along the way.  I don’t have any big DIY posts for this makeover as most of the things we are doing are fairly simple (painting, setting up a new bed, setting up and staining furniture, hanging curtains and art etc.). If you haven’t been following along, then I’ll fill you in on what exactly we are up to.

Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas

This month we are working on a quick bedroom refresh makeover of our youngest son’s bedroom.  It’s an “adventure” themed room, if it has a theme… as he loves being outdoors and absolutely loves mountain biking through the forest.  So far I’ve shared the Before and Plans as well as my Inspiration Board for this source.  Last week, I shared a progress update, and this week we’ve made some serious progress so I’m here to share some more. 

The bed arrived and my husband put it together this weekend.  We transported his old bed to the storage room in the basement, as the plan is to eventually turn that room into a guest room (once I get through all my purging and organizing through my 10 Week Organizing Challenge).  

Building the bed for the tween room.

We ordered this simple platform bed frame

A picture of the platform for the mattress.

We also got these beautiful blue and grey new curtains from Rooster, and I picked up a curtain rod so we could hang them on the weekend.  I love how well the beautiful blue works with the Hale Navy feature wall, and the arrow is printed in a grey colour that is perfect with the bookcases. I love a cohesive look!

Blue and white arrow curtains in the bedroom.

Then I bought these simple mid-century nightstands from Jysk, and decided to stain the unfinished drawers to match the live-edge cedar headboard.

A small nightstand beside the bed.

I used one coat of this Saman’s brand stain in cedar, and it includes a sealant right in it so I didn’t have to do anything more! Very convenient! It’s the same stain that I used on our front door so we even had it left over in the garage.  

An open can of wood stain.

A stir stick inside the wood stain can.

Using a paint brush staining the wood.

I’m so glad I took this extra step – I wasn’t originally sure on what we were going to use for bookcases after changing my plans for the room layout last week.  I love how beautifully it works with the live edge headboard!  What a difference, right?!

The nightstand beside the bed.

I found the wall mounted sconces at Homesense and stained the top wooden piece to match the wood colour of the headboard and nightstand drawers.  The Saman stain I shared above can go right overtop of existing wood surfaces without sanding! Awesome, right?!  

This week coming up, I plan to hang the mountain bike art prints above the bed and get the new bedding in place.  I’m not sure if I will leave the area above the nightstands blank or add anything there.  We shall see once we get the other art hung up. 

A dark blue wall and wall lights on either side of the bed.

And remember those bookcases I shared a quick picture of last week?  Well, Finn unloaded all of his books and treasures onto them this week with a little help from me for arranging.  He was not super willing to purge very many of his books or belongings, but we may work on a little more of that over the next week.  Now we are just waiting for the console table/desk that I ordered, and I’ll hang his other new art print above it.

Two bookshelves in the bedroom.

I’ll also tackle the disorganized closet this week, getting it sorted and looking much more functional then it did before.  

We’ve definitely made some big improvements already in this space, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It’s crazy what a difference having the lower bed frame makes in this room.  The room used to feel so overcrowded, but it feels so much bigger now that we have the lower (and less chunky) bed frame.  I’m looking forward to getting this project wrapped up this week.  Be sure to come back next Tuesday to see the final results! 

Everyone’s New Year New Room Refresh Reveals area coming next Tuesday!!

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And thanks to all of our sponsors for this challenge! I’m really excited to be partnering with Spoonflower/ Roostery as well as Mohawk Home.


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