Tween Boy Adventure Bedroom Week Three Progress Update

Today I’m sharing the progress that we have made so far on our youngest son’s tween boy modern adventure bedroom makeover as part of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge.

Welcome to the third week of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge!  This month we are working on a quick tween bedroom refresh makeover of our youngest son’s bedroom.  

In case you’ve missed my Before/Plans and Inspiration Board posts I’ll fill you in on what has been happening so far.  We are finally tackling the last room to update on our main floor: my youngest son’s bedroom.  He loves biking, sports and the ocean, so we are doing a bit of an “adventure” themed bedroom design.  

Tween Bedroom

You can see all the before pictures and what we started with in this post.  Last week I shared the inspiration board for this space…

Tween Boy Adventure Bedroom Design graphic.

Things are already looking much brighter this week.  We managed to get all of the painting finished, and I love how fresh and bright it feels with all the white.  The Hale Navy also looks awesome on the feature wall…

A lamp beside the bed.

I ordered the bedding and curtains for the bedroom and they should arrive later this week.  I can’t wait to see how this beautiful fabric story plays out in this space… Curtains, a throw pillow and bed mood board.

Django Arrows Curtains 
Call of the Mountains Lumbar Pillow 
Terra Australis Dots Duvet Cover

  The three mountain biking prints  arrived and I just need to get them into frames…they are soo cool!

Mountain biking pictures.

The ladder style bookcases arrived and my husband assembled them last Friday…I still haven’t managed to get them re-loaded as we are still considering what the best furniture arrangement will be.

The bed and a small shelf with books on it.

And even though it’s just a terrible iPhone pic that I snapped at night, I think you can tell that the room is already a lot brighter and fresh then it was when we started…

A small bed, an area rug and small shelves in a before shot.

The platform base for the bed arrived today, and once we manage to get that setup I think it will give us a much clearer idea of what the best furniture arrangement will be.  I can’t wait to see all the key pieces put together!

A picture of the bed frame.

I also made a big realization this week about the room layout.  

Originally I had thought that I would remove Finn’s closet doors and that way there would be enough room to place one bookcase on either side of his bed.  I’m now thinking that I really don’t want to remove the closet doors as I think it may be hard to keep it looking nice and neat in there, which will drive me crazy (to be completely honest).  

So, now I’m considering keeping the bookcases on the end wall, and perhaps ordering a third bookcase or maybe even a small console table that could act as a narrow desk for him. Maybe something along these lines…

A small console table with drawers.

Once the bed is setup and the bookcases can be moved around a bit, I think we will be able to make a good decision about the rest of the furniture.  More details to come next week!! Originally, we had planned to share our reveals next week, but we’ve pushed it back a week due to some delays in shipping from suppliers etc.  So next week we will share one further week of progress with you all, and the reveals will be on February 4th!

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A challenge poster.

And thanks to all of our sponsors for this challenge! I’m really excited to be partnering with Spoonflower/ Roostery as well as Mohawk Home.

Don’t forget to come back next Tuesday to see my next instalment in this room makeover project!

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