Organizing 911: Drawers – Where the Heck Is My???

Do you have a spot in your house that causes you stress on a daily basis? Like, every time that you open “that drawer” or “that door” or try to find “that item” you end up with an elevated heart rate and high blood pressure and feel like cursing aloud which of course you never do? I have a few spots in my kitchen that are like that right now. I know that I organized them perfectly last year but something has since then happened and they are not organized anymore! The honest truth is they have become freakishly scary they are far from organized now!

You know how some women look at pictures of models and are envious of their bodies? Well, not me… I have Organizing Envy. Have you ever read IHeart Organizing? Jen is amazing and her house is amazing and it always looks so clean and organized and it is what I strive to achieve one day. Right now she is featuring kitchen spaces and I am feeling pretty inspired. So, I decided, I don’t have to wait for someday! I can start today! Little steps! And I will get there! So, I started. Today! Yay!!

This drawer has been ENEMY #1 for quite some time:

organizing drawer 1

What is that jumble, I hear you say? What are those two giant red bins? I know, I know… in an early attempt to organize it I used what I had on hand and threw in two big red bins. So I basically turned one large jumbled drawer into two smaller jumbled drawers with a side compartment. Of course, at one time they looked organized… but they didn’t stay that way for long because there was nothing to keep the items separate and distinct. MISTAKE #1.

So I measured my drawer, assessed what items I had in it, and went to my local dollar store and purchased some much more effective and functional organizers:

organizing drawer 4

I chose clear because I thought it might look nice to see the matting that I have in my drawer that keeps things from sliding around. Hopefully a good choice…

Step one was to take everything out of the drawers and place it on my counter:

organizing drawer 2

What a major disaster. Then I went through all my items and grouped similar items together; “like with like”. I also used this as an opportunity to cull out a few items that I have never or rarely used and to ditch them once and for all. I then placed all of my new empty organizers into the drawer and began to sort the “like” items into the appropriately sized bins. Behold a most pleasing result:

organizing drawer 5

Ahhhh… I can breathe a huge sigh of relief. I have defeated ENEMY #1. And it really only took a few minutes! Searching for kitchen utensils will no longer cause me irrational flashes of stress. Instead, this drawer has become a little sanctuary of peace. Tonight when things began to get a little hairy with my boys as I was trying to cook dinner, I took a moment to open this drawer and just gaze at it. It had the desired effect and I was able to feel calm and peaceful once again. Amazing what an organized home can do for the psyche!

And here is a play-by-play close up of my beautiful new drawer:

drawer organizing collage 2


And just to top it off, I learned a little math along the way! (We must always be open to new learning experiences).

drawer organizing collage 4

What organizing projects are you trying to tackle these days? I think I am on to ENEMY #2 next… the Tupperware drawer.

And remember, my housie friends, HOME wasn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!


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