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Benjamin Moore Halo OC-46

Benjamin Moore Halo is a soft off-white neutral with green-grey undertones that can read greige in some spaces. Halo works beautifully to create a tranquil atmosphere in any space.

The other day I shared the details on our Dining Room wallpaper mural wall and how much I love the hit of energy and drama it provides in our great room space. But I didn’t share the other big change I made to this part of our house right before the holidays. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some hints of it in my stories late last fall. It’s paint! I repainted our living and dining room in Benjamin Moore’s Halo OC-46, just a year and a half after moving into our new build home. We are loving this neutral off-white green-grey paint colour in this space. Updating our ways with Halo by Benjamin Moore has introduced a ton of warmth into our great room.

living room wall painted with Benjamin Moore Halo OC-46

Why would I repaint in Halo OC-46 mere months after painting all our walls in Chantilly Lace, you might ask?

vaulted living room with walls painted in Halo

Well, the truth is that I really did not like the feel of our new living and dining room for months and months after we moved in. The Chantilly Lace looked lovely and fresh in some of the rooms, particularly those with better natural exposure. In other rooms, like our living and dining room, it felt dull, lifeless, and shadowy.

After about a year and a half of living int his house, and I was loathing the crisp true white of Chantilly Lace in this room because of how cold and dull it felt in this area. And, since this space is where we spend most of our time as a family, it was definitely time to bring in some more warmth. With this off-white green-grey paint colour on the wall, the light feels much better in this space.

green-grey paint colour Halo by Benjamin Moore on a living room wall

off-white neutral paint colour Halo by Benjamin Moore on window wall with green velvet drapery

What colour is Benjamin Moore Halo?

Halo by Benjamin Moore was the perfect grey-green paint colour to bring in the warmth that we were looking for in this room. It is described as “the softest shade of silver with a touch of green”.

paint swatch of Benjamin Moore Halo OC-46

living room wall painted with Benjamin Moore Halo OC-46 with stone fireplace and rattan sofa

What undertones is Halo?

OC-46 Halo by Benjamin Moore has a green-grey undertone to it that can read greige (or grey-beige) in many lights. It’s like a soft silvery gray tone with green undertones. The green undertones give warmth to the grey.

wall behind fireplace and Samsung Frame TV painted in Halo by Benjamin Moore

Is Benjamin Moore Halo Warm or Cool?

Halo OC-46 is a warm version of grey, which is generally thought to be a cool color. Because of the green undertones, mentioned above, it reads more greige than strictly grey which warms it up considerable. Benjamin Moore Halo feels calm, tranquil, light and airy.

Fireplace on wall in living room space with walls painted Halo, an off-white neutral with green-grey undertones

It’s amazing HOW MUCH BETTTER a warmer tone; a color with just a hint of life to it, looks in this darker corner of our home. And between the new paint colour, wallpaper mural, and updates to our furniture, I’m finally starting to love our great room. I do however, not love the fireplace stone that we went with so a little change is likely coming to that very soon.


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  1. I quite like the stone on the fireplace but feel the mantle needs some updates. Maybe if it was deeper ane a little wider, plus in a darker stain, it would work better. Right now the mantle just seems a little wimpy because it doesn’t protrude past the stone that much. The height of the mantle beam looks good though. I think a darker stain on it would help bring out the colour variations in the stone more and give everything more presence.
    BTW, I like the wall colours too. They work well with everything

  2. I, for one, am in love your color. I’m having trouble choosing the perfect color for my living room, one wall in the dining room and a bedroom. Halo looks like it will be perfect! I have dark grey focus walls so I needed something that stayed in my colors of gray and green and tada, here you are! Thank you, I think it’s beautiful.

  3. It’s still pale and bland though the green drapes go great. A little more of the green or a little chili red or maybe dark gold in upholstery please. Yes the stone is too pale gray, doesn’t jive with your other colors. Love the cane end couch.

    1. I think this entire design comes from the heart with personal touch and grandeur of grace in soft touch. What you spell is simply different than grace, but dark in the head. That’s your roll, not theirs, so don’t criticize others personal flavor. Yours is not graceful in the same way theirs was here.

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