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Housie Inspiration: Classic & Casual Split Rail Fences


Last week our family took a little holiday to a beautiful remote island called Savary Island. It was such a quaint, cute, charming place to spend a summer vacation! One of the neatest things about it was that you had to take a water taxi to get there and that only people who actually own property on the island can bring over a vehicle. There are only about 50 year round inhabitants, but in the summer the population swells to about 2000 holiday-ers. We absolutely loved the quaint relaxed feel of it, not to mention the gorgeous white sand beaches.  We had a fabulous time catching up with the old family friends that we travelled there with. Despite the fact that our cabin had no power (that’s right… we had to visit the one “pub” on the island to charge our devices:), we had an amazing time and I even managed to find some serious inspiration in the form of the gorgeous ocean front vacation homes I found there. One feature that several of them had was beautiful little split-rail fences, and I got to thinking about including one of these types of fence designs in our own front yard landscaping. One of my favourites was in front of this lovely ocean front home (excuse the fuzzy snapshot)…

Split rail fence on savary.

Of course, upon return, I took to the web and found even more inspiration for these classic and casual split rail fences and I wanted to share these with you today…

10 Classic & Casual Split Rail Fence Designs poster.

I can’t get over how quaint and pretty these wooden split rail fences make a landscape feel; I think that a classic split rail fence would be the perfect way for us to delineate our front yard in a subtle and casual way. They also provide a beautiful backdrop to many kinds of gardens. I hope you will find as much inspiration in these as I did…

A split rail with blue hydrangeas growing around it.

Um, so this is pretty much my dream combination – a split rail fence overtaken but a stunning hedge of stunning in full bloom hydrangeas. Can you even imagine how many gorgeous jars of flowers you could have inside with bushes like these?! Via Serenity in the Garden

A brown wood house with a wood fence around it.

 Um, how dreamy are these hostas? I love this simple split rail style Via Fine Gardening

A wooden fence with pink daisies and tall grass.

I heart lush wildflower gardens like this… they require so little maintenance and water and are a huge attraction for the birds and the butterflies. And isn’t this split rail fence  Via HGTV Gardens, the perfect complement to such a garden style?

A log house with a split rail fence.

Another gorgeous mix with the grassy-wildflower style is this front fence Via Gardening Gone Wild

White and red flowers by the fence

I love a garden full of daisies… they are so easy to care for and bloom for such a long season. Plus, they look perfect up against a casual simple split rail fence style like this one Via Pinterest or Enroot (?)

A brown house with white details and a round driveway.

Okay, it is hard for me to tell if I love this split rail fence of if I just really, really, really LOVE this house. What do you think? Via Houzz

Pink and purple flowers by a worn fence.

I absolutely love the way the lavender teems out from under this adorable split rail fence Via Barn Owl Nursery

A shot of the side of a split rail fence.

This whole cottage tour Via Midwest Living is stunning but I especially love the adorable entrance created by this cute little split rail fence design.

A tree with rocks next to it.

I also like this simple cedar split rail style done in white rails… it has a different feel but it still quite cottagey and fresh. Via Pinterest (if you know the original source please let me know)

A garden next to the split rail fence.

And if you love the split rail style but need to keep in a pet (or block out the deer!) then perhaps this style Via Funky Junk Interiors would be the way to go.

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful and inspiring split rail fence designs…

This is awesome! Pin it to remember it!

10 classic casual split rail fences at The Happy Housie

Well, we may not get around to building a split rail fence for our own front yard until the spring, but I’m pretty certain that I have added it to the long-term yard vision.

What do you think? Would you ever use this style of fence in your own front yard? If not, what style would you prefer?

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  1. My favorite was the comfortable, casual look of the ‘pet’ fence. This is my first time to look at ‘Housie’ (I finally took the time) and definitely felt some inspiration to pay more attention to split-rail fences. I like your casual way of writing, too.

    1. Thanks so much, Virginia! Glad you found a little inspiration…and I try to be pretty true to myself in my writing:) Glad you came by!

  2. We are just back from the Okanagan and many of the rural properties and vineyards had split rail fences. I love them! They wouldn’t suit my current home but maybe a vacation property…one day…

    1. They definitely have a specific and casual look- but in the right space are perfect!! I think we could try to pull it off….

  3. Wow!!! Great pictures, looks like an awesome vacation spot. The fence is a nice rustic look. Thanks for the great post!!!

    1. Hi Ellie! It was a beautiful vacation spot… and the eye-candy of beautiful houses for me to enjoy was just a bonus!

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